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the truthful dieting diary of mrsorangecat

Hi all! I'm really gonna do this, this time. I've had enuf of messing about with it. Did Cambridge successfully and lost around 3 stone a few years back. Now I've sadly put 1 stone + back on :cry:and determined not to regain all I lost. I've tried the shakes again and I just can't put myself through it again, plus I need to get myself onto a healthy eating plan that I can continue even when I'm down to goal.

So here goes:- I tipped the scales at 15 stone 1.5 lbs this morning and I am going to weigh myself every Sunday morning and post on here, plus starting tomorrow I shall bore you all with my food diary!! :D

I've made a healthy tea for tonight, pork loin steak, cabbage, cauliflower, new potatoes and carrots with a fresh fruit salad for pudding.

I start properly tomorrow.....I know people say dont start dieting on a Monday, but I've got the food in and I'm ready! Plus it's the beginning of the month, well techinically it is today, but I've not been feeling too good - (dodgy tum) :(, so I've just been drinking water today, will try my tea and hopefully tum will settle down and I can start tomorrow.

I've joined the weight loss challenge and I am going for 8 lb loss in August.

I am going to try the extra easy or "free and easy" as I slipped up and called it the other night after a few wines! (I get worse!! :rolleyes:)

Tara for now xx
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Hi there, well done for making the change. It's really good you have realised you need to try something new and have taken the steps. I am sure you will get on swimmingly and we are all here for you to help with your journey. Looking forward to your food diary.
Thanks Meli and Teresa :)

Well today has gone fairly well, I think...

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix and skimmed milk from allowance
Lunch - 2 mugshots, activia yoghurt
Snacks - peach, nectarine, apple
Tea - casserole made with lean beef, new potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms
Pudding - Activia yoghurt
Drinks - 3 x cups of peppermint tea, lots of sugar free squash and now just sitting with a diet coke and ice

Syns - Tesco beef casserole mix -will have to look it up, but I dont think it will be much, plus I'll be sharing the total with DH.

I'm stuffed! I think I understand how this will work now as I havent felt hungry all day. Hope everyone is doing well today.
Hi there your day looks great. I can see why you are feel very satisfied just remember to have your syns, i have read on here that you should so you never feel deprived. Also apparentely it makes no difference to your weight loss even if you dont have them. So enjoy a treat.

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