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The *Trying* Tuesday Thread


Why Be Normal?
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Hi All Daily Threaders --

It is already nearly 3 p.m. GMT, and so I thought I ought to start the thread as I did not see one.

I like the *Trying* with Tuesday... not just because of the aliteration, but also because of the double meaning.

A lot of us are going through "trying" times atm, and all of us are "trying" to make our weight loss programmes work.

Anyway, I am finding some aspects of my life atm "trying", but I am "trying" to not allow these issues thwart my "trying" to lose weight and improve my overall physical well-being.

I have the Beck book on its way, and am reading through another "self-help" book atm. I need to drink my water and make myself do some fitness -- no excuses -- "Just Do It". (I am starting to sound like a shoe advert. lol)

I hope everyone keeps on "trying" and does not find their lives too "trying".

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afternoon Mm , trying is a great title for today ... the kids seem to be trying my patience today !!!

Its funny you mention self help books , i bought the Paul Mckenna 'I can make you thin' book and CD last night and plan to start it tonight .. i also have 'eating less ' by Gillian Riley which is great and has some really good ideas in ....

I thought about starting the thread and calling it terribly tired tuesday ... i am shattered , worked sunday night and only managed 3 hours sleep then worked last night and had to go to Dr for my smear this morning ( I have them 6 monthly as have borderline changes so hope this one is normal ) then I only managed an hour kip before my parents had to go to a funeral so I had to get up with the kids ........ abslutely shattered , just hope I can keep my eyes open till they go to bed at 6 !!!

I am looking forward to my tea , think tonight will be a green pepper and mushroom omelette :)

I am absolutely having a 100 % 810 week this week but trying to decide whether to go out for tea on friday like we planned ..... I have £15 of Frankie and Bennies vouchers and they have to be used by sunday .. we planned to go this week for a late valentines meal but after my gain this week I am not sure now ..... I ave looked at the menu and they have a chicken salad I could have ?? anyone else eaten at F&Bs and had a good meal not far off plan ????? I so dont want to waste the vouchers but not prepared to ruin this week either .. and it may make me sad that I cant have my abslute favourite calzone from there .. ahhh decisions !!!!

Hope everyone else is having a good day xx


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Hi Katie --

Go and have the chicken salad and ask them to put the dressing on the side. Don't waste the vouchers and then feel bad about that.

As far as the calzone goes... invision how all that cholesteral is clogging up someone's arteries as they consume it. I call things like that a "heart attack on a plate"!

Good luck with kids -- and I hope that you can get to bed and get some sleep by 6:15! ;)



One 100% day at a time!
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Mm, you are brilliant! In reading your post, it really shows that I'm not the only one going through this. It really is reassuring knowing you guys are here. X


please try again
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afternoon all

hope youve gotten more energy as the day has gone on katie

my trying day involved me losing all my virgin services!
ended up at blockbusters renting dvd's to watch with madam as she kept telling me every 2 minutes that she wanted to watch tv but its broken, lol
weve finaly got them back so here i am catching up on minis, lol

got my sisters birthday tonight. gifts are all wrapped and ive sorted cupcakes insted of a big cake for her


Working on it
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I am shattered! its my first day on shakes etc and being officially on the 1000 plan but working mainly off of the 810 plan depending on my day, I've sorted dinner out and spent the afternoon cooking for the OH as trying to get her to eat foods you don't take out of the freezer, chuck in the oven and 20 mins later its done! so turkey hotpot for her and a version of it for me but sticking on plan, not sure how either of them are going to taste as have never cooked them before! Have done really well with the water today, got some of the flavouring (summer berry) and its worked wonders!

Hope everyone is doing ok today, much love, luck and weight loss vibes! :vibes:

x x x

Mrs Taurus

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Hi All, great title and so apt MM! Huge Blip over weekend, as life was a little 'TRYING', and today has been 1st 100% day with Mr T ill working from home, so a trying Tuesday.
Away on a date night with Mr T on Saturday, but after a failed fat -busting Feb, have great hopes for a Marvellous March with no excuses and no weekend booze blips.
Feeling pants, but have not stopped trying, so not 100% failure....roll on March x


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Its been a tough old Tuesday for me. I have taken some leave from work & have not done very much with it so far so have the boredom factor so food keeps sneeking in my thought's.

I keep thinking about eating random things like cold meat & potato pies? no idea why? it's mad & I have resisted the urge so far by keeping my water intake up.

Looking forward to Wednesday and weigh in on Sunday to get another week over with ha!

So keep plodding everyone & I am sure we will get to our goal hopefully with not too many blips x


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
@Mellie -- I am not a math whiz but your stats look as if you are more than 2/3s to goal. So, I hope that your fantastic success thus far is motivational. You are doing so well.