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The Two things I worry about most

Ok, I have my intro meeting sunday and hope to start before the end of Sept.

I'm 20st 12lbs, having already lost 38 pounds this year doing my own then then Slimming World. I think with my frame I'm looking at somewhere between 13st and 14st as a fairly natural weight. So need to lose another 7 or 8 stone.

Ok, the two things that worry me (less today than before as talked to a friend about it)

1) How to keep the weight off when gone. I scared myself reading the net - people claiming all sorts. Now I guess it's people who have skipped the RTM step and have just ate what they want. So the question is - if I follow this to the letter WHEN (because I will) I get to RTM - I will keep the weight off? I guess I'm just asking - have people expereinced a weight gain that shouldn't have happened when doing it right?

2) Lots of loose skin. How much can I expect and how much will exercise help to deal with it?

Neither is going to put me off, if I decide to do this but I do want to be prepared/realistic.

Thank you, for reading.
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Hi Andy

Welcome to the LL plan. You get counselling throughout your entire time on this diet and that includes introducing food again and they go through all your triggers with you. You do not just lose the weight and then are sent on your way, its a massive process. I have just finished my foundation and am moving onto developers because I want to lose more and the support is constant. Once you have lost all your weight and finished management, which I feel is going to be the most important part then you can just pop in each week, month, whatever to keep an eye on yourself.

Your LL counsillor will go through all this with you anyway, just write down all your questions, I went blank on my first meeting. lol

As for the skin thing, you will tone along the way if you do a bit of exercise, I was also worried, but its not that bad so far. In any case having a little loose skin is far better than being fat and having all the possible health risks attached, you will feel great in a couple of weeks and forget about this little issue.

Good luck and keep us posted of your progress

Lisa x
Thank you, Lisa *hugs*

I feel a bit better - you're absolutely right about having some loose skin being nowhere near as bad, especially in terms of health.

I have had a look at the RTM sub forum and I like the look of how they ease you back onto food.

The counselling is definitely a very attractive proposition - I have an inkling why I eat how I eat but need help with it, to make the loss permanent.

I will be exercising. I currently swim twice a week but will build back up to 5 times (I was doing 5 times but had a pulled muscle in my back so rested a couple of weeks). I'll stick at twice at the start of this.

Will definitely post if I go ahead with this. Thanks again.
Hi Andy,
I guess we all have the same fears as you have! I'm terrified at the thought of RTM but I'm also very excited!! We are taught all the way through how to cope with why we eat and don't forget your LLC will be there for you during the crucial times so assistance is there if you need it!! And as for loose skin... I've lost 163lbs and I do have a bit of loose skin BUT I can hide it and I do still look good especially compared to when I started!! Exercise does help but how much it helps is very much dependent on the person :)
I wanted to wish you all the best on your journey :)
Hi SV,
I've been in management since March and feel I can add some positive input. I lost just under 6stone and have some loose skin, especially on my upper arms and tummy. My boobs aren't great either! However, as Bex said, the saggy bits are pretty easy to hide and in the grand scheme, a lot less of a problem than obesity. I now eat a sensible diet - mostly salads, fruit and protein with a little bit of dairy and two portions of carb (wholegrain) a day. I eat no wheat or refined sugar at all. I am maintaining at an optimal BMI of 21 - 22 and have stayed within 4lb of my RTM end weight since June. I've just got back from a 3 week holiday to Oz and didn't put on a single ounce! It's darn hard - really, really, really! But, I follow all the guidance from the programme as much to the letter as possible and allow myself treats every now and then. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been and love my new body!

So, it can be done and it's more than possible. I've never in my life maintained my weight before but this diet gave me a whole toolbox of resources to fall back on when I want to lapse. It really can work!

Best of luck with it all,

Hi SV,

Like you, I'm just starting on the LL journey so I can't offer much on the RTM weight-regain issues but look forward to sharing with you as we go.

As for the skin thing, that came up in our group on Wednesday and everyone just looked a but dumfounded and our councillor basically said it depends on age, skin type etc... but I'm going to be investigating a top tip my sister gave me when she was pregnant. She was given one of those Vitimin E moisturising bars from LUSH which she rubbed on her ever expanding tummy each evening. She swears by it as she did get very very big during pregnancy, but to this day has returned to her natural shape and didn't get a single stretch mark (she's had two kiddies now). So I'm off to Lush tomorrow morning to stock up. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes.


One day at a time

Wow, you are an inspiration. I've just started LL for the third time, having been successful in LOSING 5 1/2 stone, and then 5 stone, but never completing RTM. You are proof that if you stick to it to the letter it can work. You have my utmost admiration, and what's best of all is it's great to hear someone on this forum that's been successful. I am a firm believer in LL, it's just been my sabotage and return to old eating habits that has resulted in my gaining the weight back, as it would on any weight loss plan.

Saggy skin, well I had a bit both times, but it didn't really bother me other than when I went swimming at Center parcs - but all you have to do is take a look at everyone else - there are sooooooooo many different shapes and sizes out there, I think I only saw one or two 'perfect bods'.

Thanks again Linze, I'm going to remember your post.

Aw, thanks guys! This time last year I was where you new starters are - looking at posts from other people and being inspired. I started on the 11th September 2007 having dieted my whole life. I've tried everything from Atkins to Cabbage Soup and I felt like this was my last chance. After this it was going to be a gastric band operation which would have cost a lot more than LL. Luckily it worked! My advice is to do the 'homework', especially the thought records (it feels silly but really, give it a go), listen to and learn from others in your group and even though the DVDs are a bit farcical at times, there are gems in there! You just need to stop giggling long enough to dig 'em out! Above all: Never, ever, ever cheat!

Good luck to you all!

Had my intro meeting today.
Have my dr app tomorrow.

Assuming that goes ok, I'll be starting on the 18th.

I'm not worried anymore about things; I really need to do this. I've lost 40lbs this year, mostly off my own back (and bum, and tummy, and ... :lol: ). But I think I have over 110 to go and I need tthe help. I need to know why I eat so destuctively and how to stop it (so that I can finally start living my life instead of just existing).
Good on you Serenity! I've got 97 pounds to lose so if you need an online buddy I'm here for you! Destructive eating patterns, and a terrible relationship with food for as long as I remember is what brought me to LL - the fact you've already lost 3 st all on your own, and ,that that you're here now, is brilliant.

On another note...I popped into Lush yesterday and spoke to one of the girls in there who also swears by these moisturising bars for tightning up skin. I've picked one up, rubbed it on all the important areas and will keep you posted on how it goes. I've got a few stretch marks on my tummy which I hope will fade. Good luck for your DR appointment tomorrow!
Thank you, SurreySlimmer :)

I have been lucky that the friends I have as very supportive, but can never have too many buddies to support me :)

Lush sounds a bit girly for me, but I'll have a chat with some of my friends about that sort of thing, as I won't fancy walking into Lush ;) I have managed bodyshop at christmasses :lol:

thanks again,
Andy, volunteer one of your female friends to get some for you or pretend you're buying it for someone else.

Good luck with your journey, hope to see your ticker showing your progress once you've started.

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