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the weather and dieting

Is anyone other than me finding it impossible to diet atm with the very harsh weather we are experiencing in the uk? Also my excercise is walking and I'm not doing that, I don't feel like swimming either :( I also feel , as happened last yr, that the weather will quickly change to very hot weather almodt within a couple of weeks, Autumn and Spring don't seem to exist anymore, and therefor I'll be in my summer gear so slimming over the winter months is very esential, but I'm finding it so hard. Need more warm food suggestions, how is everyone else finding it??:sigh:
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I know what you mean, salad and fruit are way more appetising when its nice and warm and sunny! I had a big bowl of mums home made soup for lunch which warmed me up just right today, just no thick bread loaded with butter for me! Also had weetabix with hot milk and a tiny trickle of honey for breakfast, yummo!

Hopefully you will be able to push through it and look fab for those strappy tops and shorts!

Yes I find the cold makes a difference. Makes me want to warm up by eating so I think it is an extra thing to contend with, but I wont be beaten!!

It just isnt very inviting to go outside at the moment for walking or to try to get to the gym. I have been making do with my davina power of three dvd.

I tend to eat a bowl of porridge if I want something comforting. Or fruit stewed with a little sweetner, or even a baked apple. And I've made a couple of veggie and chicken stews recently too they are good as long as you don't add dumplings!

It will all be worth it when the summer eventually kicks in.
I agree it will be worth it when the summer kicks in. I found last yr it went from freezing to boiling hot almost overnight, well at Easter people were wearing shorts, it will creep up on us, best stick to it!

Porridge is the best diet food ever, fills you up a treat and keeps you filled too.
I completly agree. I always want to eat so much more when it is like this... It makes it hard when you can't get anywhere either, like to the gym or shops. I just keep thinking towards the summer, knowing it can only get better :)

I eat steam veg (only 50 cal a bag) with some gravy which is like 16 cal I think? Just as something to warm me up. It feels nice and wintry but it isn't too high in fat :) x
I hate winter! I'm full of the cold! :-( Not eaten anything today so far as didnt get up until about an hour ago and I'm waiting for lemsip caps to kick in so I feel a bit better. Gutted as I went and bought a wee exercise bike and some dumbells yesterday with all intentions of getting on it today and now its the last thing I feel like doing.

Luckily I'm not working though, although I guess I will need to at some point this week!

Kerry Ann - Do you get the bags of veg to steam? Looks like we are the same height, same weight and goal etc! I'm just starting though so fingers crossed! What day do you weigh in?

Klizw - You can get an exercise bike for the wii!? Damn, I am getting so tempted to buy one, but I think I would just buy it for the novelty and then that would soon wear off, so maybe I should stick to the gym hehe.

Yeah we are! There is someone else too, Bubbles. She's the same as us :) We should all try and motivate each other haha!

I mean the ones in the frozen section. I think Tesco do their own kind. I only get the original ones (carrots, sweetcorn and broccoli) and I love them. But then, I love vegetables ('cause I am strange). Yummmy!

I weigh in on Mondays :) I list it on the Valentines challenge thread as I find having a goal others are also doing more motivating :) You should join in!
Kerry Ann - I meant a wee (as in small!) exercise bike! Im Scottish haha, I forget my lingo gets lost sometimes!

Yeah we should defo motivate each other, I weigh on Thursday but my scales are broken so need to get new ones so I dont know if I'll get an accurate reading.

I'll set a valentines goal too, maybe get some sexy undies if I reach it haha! Maybe try to get down to 132 by then, Dont know if thats realistic? Would be 2lbs pw. What is your goal?

Lol. I thought that first time round, but then I googled it's actually real so I thought maybe you liked spelling it the Scottish way because you're Scottish? (The confused workings of my mind amazes me...) I also thought it was a very cool invention :p

Ah, =/ You should try and get some in the sales at the moment! ( just so they are a little cheaper) I am sure you'll have a great first weigh in! :)

I think that's very realistic. This week is my second weigh in and I have lost 5 lb's, that's including my (mini) student binge on Friday and having to eat the crap food my boyfriend lives off at uni over the weekend! I am hoping to loose 1 stone, so 9lb's left for the next 5 weeks. That works out as 1lb and a half roughly. :) x
Thanks Kerry ann. Going to get my scales tomorrow, I dont trust myself to resist the urge to test them out. 5lb is great well done! I have been good every day so far, so fingers crossed. i've made my goal 8lb but maybe I'll see what I am on Thurs and might put it up. I'll be going out for dinner on Saturday but I'll have that as my 'treat day' instead of thurs this week and try to fit in some exercise.


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