The weather is against me!!


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She just text and said she was turning around cos of the weather. This is understandable of course.
I haven't heard from her yet to know if she can get back before I wanted to start (Monday).
Fingers crossed!!

p.s. I am normally au fait with standard techie things but creating my signature seemed rather scary - not sure if it was how to do it or the fact I have only just worked out I want to lose 78lbs!!!)


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Damn the snow!!!! i bloody hate it!!! very naughty weather

I hope she turns up Monday for you :) i go visit my CDC i couldnt have her coming here that doesnt sit well with me lol i like to turn up on my own accord lol i'd make it through the snow let me tell you , im addcited to my packs haha x

Good luck!x


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I HATE snow!
We had alot here a few weeks ago and I nearly didnt make it to see my CDC.. when i did go I bought 2weeks supply in case it happened again!


S: 16st1lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st1lb(6.67%)
She couldn't see me til next week so I text a couple of numbers & got a quick reply from another CDC !! I asked a few questions and she emailed me some info and I have just text her back to see her (at her house) on Saturday!!!

I was feeling all dejected earlier thinking I wasn't going to be able to start on Monday. I have been really good too - cutting down and on tea (can't drink it black) and even buying a water filter jug (psychological I am sure!) PLUS my hubby announced this afternoon we are buying a Wii tomorrow with Wii Fit Plus for my Anniversary pressie!! (One year on Sunday!!)

I do feel better going to someone elses house actually - when I had CDC before I always went to her as she had one evening a week when anyone could come whenever they wanted which was really cool when you commuted by train and we all know trains never run on time!

Ooh and Happy New Year everyone!!!