the worlds best diet - anyone watching?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by daisydoll, 23 June 2009.

  1. daisydoll

    daisydoll Well-Known Member

    its on channel 3 now

    just wondering if there will be any interesting ideas on it!
    daisy x
  2. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    just tuned in now :)

  3. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    thought it sounded really good , allot of really sensible thoughts, ive just been on amazon and ordered the healthy indian kitchen :0)
  4. daisydoll

    daisydoll Well-Known Member

    i think the indian one looked great
    also the italian one - gmtv have just had an item on about the med diet being the healthiest

    daisy x

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