The worst night of my life


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This has nothing to do with weight. At 2am this morning our phone rang. It was our 18 yr old son Chris to say he was trapped in a house with a phsyco, wasn't sure of the address and was scared. He couldn't say much more as the man was in the room again. We phoned the police and made our way to the road sign he remembered seeing.The police were great, they managed to briefly speak to Chris and then the man took his phone away. After what seemed like forever the police located the house and we were told to wait outside while they went in. We could see a semi naked man through the curtains and when another PC turned up we asked her to find out if our son was alright. Thankfully she came out and said yes, he appeared Ok but they needed to talk to him. After a while he came out and we got the whole story; this 50ish man had befriended Chris and his 2 mates, when the mates went Chris realised he felt a bit odd and got in a taxi with the man to get dropped home. The next thing he remembers is getting out at a strange house. The man then tried to get his clothes off and touch him,Chris freaked out and somehow managed to distract him long enough to ring us. He is OK, but very shocked and shaken, as are we. I am so grateful he is ok but all the possible scenarios keep running through my head, thought I might feel better by telling my friends on here about it. I just feel so sick.
Oh Barb
What a horrendous experience for you all....

Thank goodness he was able to ring you, and the Police were able to track him down... It's amazing isnt it, how they were able to do that, having not much to go on...

Hugs for all of you this morning

Thanks Geri, I just feel so weird, I don;t know where to put myself. Every one else is asleep now but I just can't. What should I do? Love
Oh barb,
I don't know what you should do... Do you work? If so take the day off, or maybe you'd be better of in work? Although you'd want to be with your Son when he wakes up...

How about a hot milky drink.. that may help you sleep. I imagine you've got sooo many thoughts rushing round your head, which is understandable...

I was thinking after I had read your post, how sooo often we think it's the girls who are in danger of things like this happening, but as you have shown, boys are sooo vunerable too....

What are the Police doing? did they arrest the man?

Have another hug from me....
Thanks Geri, I needed that hug. The police have not arrested the man yet and pointed out that Chris is over 18 so it is harder for them to press charges. However he did keep Chris there against his will and took his phone away when the police were trying to find him so that ought to mean something. I suppose it might be easier on gris if there are no charges though as he is very upset and feel as he says a 'complete idiot'. I think the man put something in Chris' drink as he has memory gaps and looks a bit spaced out. You are so right, the boys are a bigger worry I think. My 2 girls (Rachel is Chris' twin and Jenie is 23) are much more safety consious whereas Chris likes to play the 'man' Trouble is he is a little guy and very cute with it and has received unwelcome male attention before but not like this. This guy was crafty and talked to Chris about his sons and football and very 'male' stuff so it did not occur to Chris that he was being groomed. He knows now that without intervention he would most certainly have been raped and that is what I cannot get out od my head. THANK GOD for mobile phones!

Awww Barb,
You're right, thank goodness for mobile phones, and thank goodness his phone was charged up, dosnt bare thinking about what could have happened if his battery was flat etc

There was def someone watching over him, hope he realizes that it wasnt his fault, the man as you say 'groomed him', and your Son would have no reason to think he had other motives. This will make him much more aware for future. His friends will be devestated that they left him, but they wern't to know either.

Hope the Police do charge him, you never know, he may have done this before, and others may come forward too...

My heart goes out to you, Barb, your son and all involved.. (apart from the Bastard.... have managed to control my language up to now!)

Have you made that milky drink yet?

Off to get in the shower, will be back later....

Take care my darlin
I definately think this will be a good lesson to Chris - something goosd out of something really bad. he is such a trusting boy but I know this will make him much morewary, which he really needs to be. Thanks for all your good wishes, Geri, it has hleped me to be able to talk to you tonight. Catch you later, love
Ahh barb,
just glad I was around for you to talk to... You have Daisy to thank for that! last night she decided to get out her red paint, (near enough a whole bottle) anyway a good bit of it ended up on the floor, and onto Rebecca's school bag.. I tried to wash it off, but wasnt getting much of a result, so decided to put it in the washing machine... the machine is playing up, and when the wash had finished, I couldnt get the door open :eek: Put it on for another wash, thinking that may help... and went to bed.... woke up this morning just after 5, and my first thought was the bag! So came down still couldnt get the door open... eventually i did get it open, but it hadnt spun... so I had to wring out the bag, and stuck it in the dryer....then took another chance - put the machine onto spin to try and spin the rest of the clothes in there.. and sods law it spun lol

that was a bit of a long winded explanation as to why I was up... me thinks I need a new washing machine :eek:

You take care of You Barb
OMG Barb,

Just read your post. Poor Chris and all of you. So glad he's ok abeit shaken.

The police should charge the man you must press for that and Chris must speak to someone other than your family about this as well.

I'm so glad Chris is ok and that the police were able to find him as you say thank God form mobile phones.

((((((BIG HUG AND LOVE))))))) for you all.

Kamilla xx
Oh my goodness.... even at that age our kids aren't safe sometimes. How very very frightening for you all!

Hope Chris can recover emotionally too. Bless him, he's gone through more than we'd wish on anyone male or female young or old. :(

Really hope you have some good family time today, peraps a walk somewhere you all enjoy for some fresh air too. ((Hugs))
On my word!!

Sooooo glad he is ok!!

OMG Barb, that is just so shocking. What a horrendous experience.

Sending you all a massive hug.
How frightening, it shows how easy it is for anyone to get their drink spiked.

Hope he is okay today and you all get over this shock quickly.
Darling Barb - that's hideous!! Definitely a case of Rohypnol (sp?) IMO! The poor boy!!!!!!

That savage should be locked up or worse!!

Thinking of you and hoping you and your son can put this horrendous experience behind you.
I am so shocked to read what you and your family have been through whilst I was sleeping in my bed!
I hope that your son is able to move on from this ordeal!
Was he medically checked last night? A urine sample might highlight if he was given a drug in his drink... also you both may need some counselling so a drs appointment would be a good idea?
I hope that you can all get through this together - and thank you for posting your ordeal as it could have happened to anyone of us or our children!
how terrifying, im so sorry this happened, but im so releived the police got to chris before something horrific happened, i hope that man does get charged, surely they cant let him get away with it,
Just read your post Barb and thought I had to send you and your son hugs. You must be so relieved that he's physically okay and that sick pervert didn't touch him. I've got a Chris too, he's 13 but sounds a similar sort of personality in that he's very trusting of people too. He always wants to see the good in everybody, which is a good and bad quality at the same time.

Your Chris shouldn't feel that he's stupid or gullible, we all take people at face value when we don't know them don't we? If someone started talking to me about my kids etc I'm the type of person to talk back, be nice, rather than just ignore them and walk away.

Sending you and your family hugs (((((((((( ))))))))))
Barb hun i am so sorry to read what has happened to you and Chris.Thank god he was able to call u and is now safe.It does sound like Rohypnol was what the pervert used to put in Chris`s drink,but the main thing is that he is safe and not hurt and he is back home with his loving mum. Chris is lucky to have a devoted loving mum and family and i am sure your love and care and devotion will help him get through this terrible ordeal.
Sending you ((((big hugs)))) and i hope the "bastard" gets locked up and the key thrown away.
Take care hun and remember we are always here for you x