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The worst week of my life!


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I have been so silly this week, I have been drinking a lot..Luckily not put weight on..But I met this guy 7 weeks ago through a so called friend :( He ended up beating me up the police got called by my neighbors as they heard him smack my head against the wall and I was screaming, I feel so down and stupid..I have got my life back on track and feel like I have just messed it all up..Dunno why I am saying this to you all..I may be quiet on here for a while I just need to put all this behind me and get back to normality, Get my head straight, Keep sipping that water and don't be silly like me and drink as it is dangerous to do on this diet, I am back on the water...Chat soon everyone.
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**Hugs** sorry to hear youve had a rough week, I have recently come out of a 7 year violent relationship and left it in pieces and hating myself, since ive started on this diet I have begun to see the old me coming back in shape and in confidence. Dont let him get you down noone is worth that, youve done so well as you should be full of pride :)


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I do hope you're going to steer clear of this monster, it's good to vent your spleen to people who you don't really know, just by talking you are not letting it fester, so in the long run you will be able to deal with this horrible situation and carry on with your life. Well done for getting back on the water, if you can get through this you can get through anything. xxx

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Oh Laura, that is awful, sorry you have been through that, I don't think anyone can blame you for having a drink, glad you are back on track, big hugs to you, don't let that b*****d spoil the fantastic progress you have made! xxx
You are a strong woman as you have got this far on this diet which is such an achievement. Unfortunately there are people out there that will always try to bring you down. It was not right what he did to you but do not let it get you down. He is the one in the wrong not you. Your friend may not of known of his violent behaviour, has she spoke to you?
Laura, hopefully you are feeling better within yourself now that you are back on lt properly. Dont let this guy get to you hun, nobody is worth that. Be proud of yourself and your achievements, you have done fantastic up to now and its not worth letting anyone spoil that for you.

I know its easier said than done and none of us are in the position that you are in or have been in, but sending you big hugs and wishing you luck.


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Laura I'm sorry you've had to go through such an awful situation. I couldn't believe what I was reading.

Not all men are like this and there are real diamonds out there. Don't let him put you off finding love but do take heed about what's happened.

You have done so very well on this diet and proved that you are a strong woman.

Do not blame yourself for what has happened at all, it was all that stupid b******* fault and nothing that you have done.

Glad you're back on the water and hope you get back on track with the rest real soon.

Really hoping you will get over this soon and thinking of you xx
sorry to hear all this hope your ok


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Just sending you a ((((hug)))) as I think you're in need of it
Take Care


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How absolutely awful for you. You must have been petrified.

The right one for you is out there somewhere. This "person" is a complete %$^&$$%.

You're not stupid at all. It's hard to know that a person is capable of being violent towards you before you get to know them. It is often hidden for a good while behind charm and promises.

You so didn't deserve it. You're a young, attractive woman, starting out in life and have your whole future ahead of you. Don't let him hurt you further by allowing it/him to make you feel stupid or believing that you have messed it all up. You haven't at all.

So sorry for wat happened, just sending hugs! xxx
hoya laura sorry to hear you've had such a crap time of hit I hope you recover from the ordeal quickly chin up you have amazing willpower please dont allow this ars----e to spoil what you;ve acheived so far if you want to ppm and vent some more feel free i'm on here most nights remember none of this was your fault

:hug99:I'm so sorry to hear that. You are NOT stupid, I hope this man gets punishment through the courts and that your friend didn't have any kind of idea what he was really like.

Take care of yourself, I'm sure we'll all be wishing yoiu very well until you're back here :)
OMG what a pig!!
Be strong :grouphugg:


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Laura - stay away - no matter how sorry he might appear to be .... been there - done that ..... they really mean it when they say it .... till the next time. Stay out of it sweetheart, you're worth so much more - you know that. ***hugs*** xx
(((((((((laura)))))))))) you deserve better than that, keep your diet up hun cos you know when your losing weight it give you confidence and you dont want prats and low lifes like that bringing you down. I have been looking at you as my inspiration as you have been doing so well! xx


Is thinking positive!
Thanks everyone...:(

We we're just actually mates but you know how can I put this but slept with one another now and again as I do not feel ready for a relationship anyways (That sounds bad), But I will never talk to that T**t ever again...Nope I am on LT 100% now and I will reach my target weight :) Thanks everyone for being such great support, (Big Hugs) I have actually lost 3lb this week so I am still on target :)
You o.k chick,

dont blame yourself for anything. what that man(well ya cant call him that because men dont hit women, ever), what he did was not your fault, if your not very confident it is easy to blame yourself for everything.
Ive been reading your posts for some time now, and I think you have done brilliant with lipotrim and the amount of weight you have lost is amazing.
Please dont let what as happened stop you from getting to your target weight.
Keep your chin up and hope you feel better soon.

Sending a BIG HUG x

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