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There & not back again.....an overweight hobbits tale!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Lilleece79, 18 February 2011 Social URL.

  1. Lilleece79

    Lilleece79 Full Member

    Goal Weight:
    Slimming World
    Last weigh-in I stayed the same so I thought I'd try a wee diary and then if I don't lose at least you guys can maybe point out where I am going wrong.

    So Wed was my weigh-in day so I'll put down what I had Thursday first:

    Breakfast: xtr lean bacon on 2 x wholemeal nimble (HEb) 10g of butter (3 syn) and a coffe (using some HEa)

    S: Apple & Alpen Ligh bar (choc & fudge - 3 syns) & a coffee

    L: Home made chilli beef (soya sauce & chilli's) and rice noodles. Muller Yogurt for pud.

    S: Pear & apple & a tin of diet coke

    T: Homemade chicken kebab (chicken, mushrooms, peppers & onions) uncle bens mexican rice (1/2 bag - 2.5 syns) and a side of broccolli

    S: Muller yogurt & coffee & big bottle of low sugar squash through the day.

    Syns = 8.5

    So that was yesterday, today:

    B: 28g of weetabix mini (HEb) & Milk (HEa) & Coffee (HEa)

    S: Apple & alpen light (3 syns) & coffee

    L: Homemade broth soup, 2 forks of John West light lunch tuna (did not like it 1 syn) & muller light & coffee

    S: Apple, grapes, 2 x satsuma & low sugar orange (through the day)

    T: Homemade broth, chicken kebab from last night, carrots & broccolli

    S: Maltesers (syns - 9.5) & grapes, kiwi & apple with a 1/2 a muller light. Coffee x2

    So there it is laid out. Hopefully I am doing this right. Got a meal out at the in-laws tomorrow, Christmas dinner.........yep you heard right! THey were away at xmas so this is a catch up. Gonna try and stick to plenty veg and a wee bit gravy!! No dessert. They know I am trying to cut down so I don't think they'll be offended.....

    till tomorrow........:wave_cry:
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  3. Lilleece79

    Lilleece79 Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Was too tired yesterday to come by and up-date my food diary so I'll do yeaterdays and today!!

    Yesterday started off really well;

    B: Fruit salad (kiwi, apple, grapes, pear, orange) with 1/2 muller light. Bacon (xtra lean) sandwich with nimble wholemeal (HEb) and a scrap of lurpacklighter (3 syns). Coffee (HEa)

    L: Carrot soup (homemade), Turkey, carrots, broccolli, new potatoes, clapshot, wee drop gravy (2 syns) and 1 Aunt Bessie Roast tattie (1 syn). Mousse and jelly (guessing 3.5 syns) and fruit.

    T: More carrot soup. 2 slices of toast with nutella (12 syns!!)

    Syns = 21.5!

    My OH weekend with the kids was this weekend and I made the little one Nutella on toast for his tea (we had a big lunch) and just couldn't resist having a couple slices. I will balance my syns out during the rest of the week!
  4. Lilleece79

    Lilleece79 Full Member

    Goal Weight:
    Slimming World
    Today has been really good.......and really easy!!

    B: Bacon (xtra lean) & mushroom omellette with 14g of lighter cheese (tesco). Coffee (HEa)

    L: Carrot soup. Fruit salad (apple, grapes, pears, orange, kiwi) with muller light yogurt over the top. Coffee & low sugar squash!

    S: Aplen light bar (HEb)

    T: Homemade chilli con carne (Tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, chilli's & lean mince) cheese (lighter cheese 14g) and rice. Squash. coffee.

    S: Alpen light bar (HEb)

    (syns 3.5 for the cheese)
    So far......... I may have a nibble later on so I will return to update if I need to.
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