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They've bought CAKES!!!!!

I read somewhere on here the other day that if you pop them in the micro for 30 secs they go all squishy and delish!

I tried it, it's actually nice. Makes them sweeter!
Yep! But don't be a lazy sod like me at 2am, stick them into the microwave with the wrapper on just so that I didn't have to use a plate... Baaaaaaaaaaaad idea :eek:
Hahaha; how did that work out for you?
Well, I saw the sparks start about five seconds after I hit the start button, so stopped it, opened the door, pulled them out, and spent the next ten minutes peeling all the wrapping off because they were my last two and I really needed a choc fix within HExB/syns! :eek:

They smelt and tasted a little bit funny, but the things I do for chocolate... :p

It was someone in my work's birthday and they brought in doughnuts... of all different fillings and flavours... I had some, 1/4 of a ring doughnut (apparently = 3syns) so I had a taste and then fobbed the other 3/4 on another colleague! :)
I always have what I fancy, but I just take 1/2 or 1/4 of it if it's high syn. :)
I think sometimes it's easier to resist totally than to have a little! Having said that, the more confident you get with SW the easier it will be to have a small piece of what to fancy and factor it in synwise for the day. :)
If their was a brownie or chocolate fudge cake i dont think i would of been able to resist! Well done!

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