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Thin Before I go to Uni!!

I should move into Uni accommodation in the last week of September next year, so approximately 26th September 2011 (58 weeks away) - and so, before then, I want to be at least 'just' overweight, preferably healthy!

Today I weigh 309 pounds:

BMI 29.7 is 207 pounds, which works out at 1.75 pounds/week, very much doable!

BMI 24.96 is 172 pounds, which works out at 2.4 pounds/week, which is still quite doable?

BMI 22 is 153 pounds, which works out 2.8 pounds/week, which is still maybe possible? That would be nice!

I'm going to [STRIKE]try to[/STRIKE] stick to 1000/day, and do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week (on the Wii Fit) to begin with, aiming to increase.




15 grapes
Muller Light Yoghurt


Poached Egg
Veggie Bag
175g Oven Chips
Bread Bun
Low Fat Spread

Total: 873

Exercise:31 minutes on Wii Fit, approx. 265 calories burned.
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Today has been pretty good so far, except the two packets of Wotsits - I really need to stop eating them, even if they are only 95 calories a go!


During the day

2 Packets of Wotsits


Admiral's Fish Pie
150g Oven chips
Veggie bag
Muller Light Yoghurt

Total: 889

Exercise: 32 minutes on the Wii Fit, approx. 275 Calories burnt.

One of the hardest parts of dieting for me is when to say I'm done with eating for the night - I pick and eat, even though I'm not hungry. For the past too days I have verbally been deciding this after my dinner/yogurt. I think it's working? :)


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i love wotsits way tooooo much, have a packet a day near enough, but before i started i was having about 2/3 packets of normal crisps a day!

Good luck on your journey!
Heyy! :D

Are you a fellow calorie counter??

Good luck! :) (although I'm sure you won't need it! Seems like you've got a brilliant attitude towards losing weight! :))

Here's a little bit of motivation: I've lost over 6 stone up to now whilst being at uni! (nearly 8 altogether!) So bring on uni eh?! :D


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yeah ive lost 5 stone and i've just finished my final year, so it can be done :)
Thank you both! I need all the luck I can get, I promise, and I'm grateful for it.

Ria - my biggest thing used to be Kettle Chips. I'd share a 150g or 300g pack with my girlfriend just about every other day. That's like 350 or 700 calories a go, as just a snack!
Hey dude!,

Are you skipping breakfast and lunch sometimes? - in my last bout with trying to lose weight, i did try this, and im telling you the results really did show, but you will almost certainly feel weaker and lose concentration, Maybe you could try and cut out things like the wotsits and yoghurt and try and give yourself a nice lunch.

I tried loads of combinations and found that consuming about 1500 Calories and doing two 40 Minute walks a day - One in he morning and one in the afternoon, and drinking plenty of water during the day lead to me losing around 1kg a Week - That is about 2.2 pounds a week. - In fact you could get away with less walking i reckon.

Wii Fit is a great laugh, never used it as actual exercise though so i dont know if it works myself, maybe try Walking with an Ipod in the morning and going on the Wii Fit in the evening? - Also im pretty sure a fairly healthy adult needs at least 45 minits of exercise a day to stay fit, So when trying to lose weight, you may have to step it up.

And this might be a bit Toooooo far, but if you can kick your wotsits habit, it will be great for you. thats abour 100 Cals you could invest in a healthier and better snack.

This is all my opinion, but dude, we are all here to lose weight, and im just sharing what works for me, so if you want to try it out, then yea, give it a go for a week and see the results.

2x Wotsits


2x Poached Eggs
150g Oven Chips
Veggie Bag

Total: 755
Exercise: ~100 Calories on the Wii Fit, but doing lunges yesterday killed me, so this was a bit of an off day.

EDIT: 275 calories in 33 minutes on the Wii Fit. I got a second wind of motivation!

Going shopping tomorrow so I will actually be able to eat something that isn't oven chips! WooHoo for variation.
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I would suggest when trying to lose weight skipping brekkie is a silly idea.

You need 3 meals a day to function properly. I have special k for brekkie which is about 130 calories, before i started on this journey i never ate brekkie!
To be honest, I'm not opposed to breakfast, but over summer I usually don't get up till lunch time, so lunch sorta is breakfast!

I will however be buying a ton of cereal bars today for future breakfasts ^^


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Yeh I agree with what people have been saying, I think you need to be eating a wee bit more, even if you just ahve a couple of bits of fruit during the day, 800ish calories really isnt enough, especially if you're doing exercise on top. I aim for about 1200 cals a day, which means that you generally loose around 2lbs a week if not more depending on the exercise.
I hope that everythign goes well for you.

Toast with low fat spread
Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms


360g Potato
50g Philly Light
100g Sweet corn
WW Brownie


Cadbury's Brunch Bar

Total: 966
Exercise: Wii Fit yet again, 34 minutes, approx. 270 calories.

I feel awful, my OH give me cold!


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That naughty other half! Drink lots of water and try and eat some fruit, hope you feel better soon hun.
That day of food looks better :) although you should try and eat three meals a day hun.
That naughty other half! Drink lots of water and try and eat some fruit, hope you feel better soon hun.
That day of food looks better although you should try and eat three meals a day hun.
I do feel a little better today, actually, and thank you very much :)

So far I have had breakfast and lunch. I'm just really not in the habit of eating at regular times - I used to just eat in the evenings, so stopping eating after one evening meal means, well, one meal a day. Not the best, I know :rolleyes: Oh well, new habits abound!
Brilliant to see you have tried breakfast - Maybe add a 25/30 min walk in the evenings? - If you are not already shedding the pounds, this will do it!

Well done! ;D
For Today:


WW Bagel
30g Philly with Chives
100g Cucumber

Mozzarella Salad
WW Mini Roll




2x WW Bread
50g Mozzarella

Total: 926
Exercise: 100 cals on Wii Fit :(
Okay, so after my lack of exercise yesterday, when my girlfriend came in at 2 AM (she works in a bar) I got up and ate a Nutri-Grain, 2 WW Mini Rolls and some mozzarella on toast, and a couple of her oven chips, all in all coming to 500 calories. :(

Today will be better!
Feeling way better than yesterday, and hopefully won't be eating mindlessly when my OH gets in later. :)


Kellogg's Special K bar


Veggie Pasta in Philly Pesto Sauce
Bread Bun
WW Mini roll


Chocolate Soy Milk


Mushroom Soup

Total: 963
Exercise: I got up this morning and did 35 minutes on the Wii Fit, burning about 270 calories.
Feeling way better than yesterday, and hopefully won't be eating mindlessly when my OH gets in later. :)
:) My OH is a toast fiend and so when he is here at weekends or I am at his, I cant help but tuck in. Just as well we dont live together all the time!

Hope you avoided the 2AM munchies.:)

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