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Thin by the time I'm 30


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Hi all :D

I'm Melvis, I turned 29 last month and decided that now is the time to lose weight!!

I've been overweight for most of my adult life, whilst not ideal it's something I've become comfortable with throughout my 20's.

I went to Slimming World for a few months when I was 21 and I did quite well (lost 2 1/2 stone in about 3 months) but then I left uni and moved back home, leaving my part time job behind me ... I could no longer afford the classes and slowly piled the weight back on. Then I started the lovely office job that I've now been in for over 7 years and snacking became second nature to get me.

I always told myself I've got plenty of time and "I'll be thin by the time I'm 30". Of course I was 22 when I started saying that and the years have flown by and now 30 is less than a year away! So on 1st July 2010 I started my thin by the time I'm 30 challenge!!

I've also suffered 2 miscarriages and am yet to have a successful pregnancy. Whilst my weight may not be the reason for these, I think being lighter and healthier may help me create a safer baby oven :)

I'm doing DIY slimming world from home. I have my trusty 2007 SW book (from my last attempt... a little out of date now, granted!) and my friend pointed me in the direction of this forum. I've been noseying around for a few weeks now and thought a weight loss diary would be a good idea.

I've also signed up to the Christmas Challenge (would like to lose 3 stones between now and Xmas, not including the 10lbs I've already lost).

My starting weight on 1st July: 16 stones 9 lbs

My weight today 22nd July: 15 stones 11 lbs

My initial target weight: 10 stones 6 lbs

I'll keep you all updated, thanks for reading xxx
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Wishing you luck with your challenge, I'm sure you can do it.

I would strongly suggest attending slimming world classes. It's a motivational factor and they can help you if your losses stop or slow down. There is a new thing in slimming world now too (extra easy days) and the book is different.

Long term weight loss requires support and motivation.

By all means post your food diaries :)

Oh and I forgot to mention, I had two miscarriages and then went on to have a healthy pregnancy. My daughter is two next month - she was born at home in a birthing pool :)


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Thanks Hathor :)

Unfortunately I can't afford the weekly fee for the SW classes, hence the DIY style :D but I do have the support of my OH, friends and work colleagues as well as this forum and another ... and most of all I'm totally motivated to make a permanent change this time :) xxx


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I just posted this on the why we love SW thread, thought I'd pop it in my diary so I can refer back to why I love SW if I'm having a bad day :D

We have a BBQ every weekend with out friends/neighbours (cheaper than a night out ... credit crunch and all that ;)), and I love that I can still enjoy it ... I've just replaced greasy burgers, pork chops, chicken drumsticks & sausages with home made SW burgers, loin pork steaks, chicken breasts & Tesco HL sausages :D and I've replaced the Blue Wkd with vodka & diet mixer, which I'm getting used to now after 3 weeks, still miss the blue stuff tho ;)

I also love that I can have full English breakfasts, even Mr Melvis enjoys the SW style brekkies, we have them at least 3 times a week (usually for dinner, not for brekkie lol).

I'm a very fussy eater so don't fill up on lots of fruit & veg as I barely like any :rolleyes: but I'm managing to get thru each day without feeling too hungry and without exceeding my daily syn allowance :D



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I think it's a really good idea for a thread Hathor :) I'm loving reading everyones elses ideas about why they love SW :D

Almost time for my weekly BBQ, my favourite night of the week :) all i can eat, minimal syns and no work tomorrow!

Mr Melvis said he's gonna make me a BBQ shelter so I can continue BBQing right thru the winter lol xx


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Well, the BBQ got rained off yesterday but I still had all my syn free BBQ goodies but on the George Foreman instead :D and only 2 drinks so came in under my syn allowance for the 1st Saturday since I started SW.

Off to Mum's for Sunday lunch today. My step dad is the household chef and I reckon this one meal will use up almost all of my syns for today :eek: but everything else planned for today is free/HEX so it should balance out ok :)

Had £30 M&S vouchers so went to the local M&S to try and stock up on some Count on Us stuff and they had a disappointly small selection so Mr Melvis is gonna drive me to a bigger M&S through the week :D



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Dinner was delicious :D calculated it was about 15 syns, with the chicken as a HEXA (green day today) so at least I haven't gone over my syns today by much, if at all :)

Went to a 4th birthday party this afternoon as well, avoided all party food, had a no added sugar squash drink and didn't bring home any cake :p

Going to have a free food meal in a while to see me through the evening. All in all, a successful SW weekend xxx
Wow you are doing well Melvis! Good for you.

What BBQ food do you have? sounds very interesting ;) My boyfriend would love a BBQ I think and we're both following the sw plan.

For sunday dinner, why not make it an extra easy day and avoid any yorkshire puddings? just have beef, veggies and gravy?



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I tend to have loin pork steaks, with the fat removed (free), chicken breast fillets (free) and Tesco Healthy Living Cumberland Sausages (1 syn each) ... think I'm going to make some homemade burgers next time out of extra lean mince too :D then with my leftover HEXB of the day I have a jacket potato or a wholemeal roll for my sausages to go in :) With my HEXA leftover from the day I have 3 Tesco HL Cheese Slices.

You could also have lots of salad etc, but I'm not keen :rolleyes:

I don't do EE days as the only veg I eat is potatoes and the only fruit I eat is bananas .... I'm a very fussy eater :rolleyes: xxx


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Today is the first work day I haven't had to struggle through since I started SW :)

Had a Mullerlight for brekkie when I arrived (tried the vanilla with choc sprinkles for the first time ... YUMMY!), 2 babybel lights for a mid morning snack and a laughing cow light & ham sandwich for lunch.

Had my remaining babybel light when I got home to bridge the gap lol then a yummy tea of fry light-ed mini chicken fillets, roasted new potatoes (skins on of course!), yorkshire puds & gravy. Total of 6.5 syns so far today so think I will have a few cubes of dairy milk shortly as no other "treats" in the house til I go shopping. This is the longest lasting dairy milk bar I've ever owned, I've had it since my birthday over a month ago :D

A medium yorkshire pudding is 3 syns or 3.5 for a large one. Did you have two is that why you counted 6.5syns?

How did you make your gravy? One level tablespoon of gravy granules is 3.5syns. I usually use beef stock cube just because they're free (but obviously watery).

I hope you don't mind me pointing out the syn values

Long time no update!! Sorry about that :)

Anyhoo ... last weekend was a bad SW weekend! Went to a Naming Ceremony & nibbled on white cheesy bread buns from the buffet :eek: ... THEN we had a takeaway pizza on the evening :eek:

I felt sluggish for 2 days afterwards so that'll teach me! thankfully I still lost 1lb this week which brought my total to 1 stone exactly :D

This weekend has been much better, only cheeky thing I've had was 4 bottle of blue wkd last night but all my food SW Red Day :p

and I've just noticed that I've stopped craving chocolate, literally just noticed at this minute ... been having the odd couple of chunks each week, within my syns limit but the bar ran out last week & didn't buy anymore and I'm coping just fine!!! YAY!!

Melvis xxx

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