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Thin Lizzies Diary

Well I'm on week 10 of the slimming world plan and last night was my first gain. I had lost 15.5lbs up to then. I was gutted, stuck to the plan so well.

btw my pic thats not how I look now, thats how I did look and thats my goal to be just slightly heavier than that pic which will be about 11 stone. Perfect size for me being 5ft 9

will let you know how i progress
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Good luck! Your title grabbed me as reminded me of many hours listening to Thin Lizzie as a teenager-loved them!
You haven't got far to go like me. I have 13lbs to lose and it is proving to be very slow and great resolve is needed!
So here I am, weigh in day again.

Have had a really good week (I hope). Was down in London on Friday, business lunch out. My colleague was doing WW. I decided to opt for Salmon and King Prawn salad and she opted for Sea bass. Her WW seemed more difficult than mine as she got out her phone then sand started working out points that each section of the meal would make. Thats way to diifcult for me.

So Home Friday night and off out and about saturday, DH wanted to go to McDs so off we went. I had a lovely Chicken and Bacon Salad with balsamic vinagerette.

Sunday was BootCamp day and I won the 10 week block. i had lost 17lbs of weight and 3.1% body fat. Had another salad as previous days was sooo nice and its been lovely weather.

So anyway here we are on weigh in day again. my scales which are quite accurate to theirs are showing a 5/6lb loss so hoping for that tonight

although I'll be hapy with 2.5lb put on last week.
OMG 6.5lbs off. Very happy

Back on track!



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Stood on scales this morning and they read 11.125lbs

I know I shouldn't but I feel I need to.


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Ooohhhhh weigh in tonight obviously not going to be as good as last week. I'll settle for 1lb


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0.5lb on. I can live with that after my huge weightloss last week.

If I could only break into 11 stone, I'd be more happy
Had to go to a different class this week, was alot less stressful as I didn't build up to class the same way.

Lost 1.5lb which was great broke 12 stone barrier and I'm not 11.135

Yippee another 2lbs off.


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Yippee another 2lbs off.

Floating between classes though so not building any friendships which does help


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Struggling for something for lunch today. Help


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Really bad day today not for bad food just too little.

Must be more prepared tomorrow.


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Thanks Sarah, yes I am very full of motivation my target is just a mere 9lbs away.

I wish I could bottle it and sell on eBay for a fortune.

As I say to myself and others

Think slim, eat slim.


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Weird off topic question Lizzie were you a mod on habbo many moons ago? ignor my nonsense if not, you seem familiar! :)

Well done with the weight loss - Im interested into why not going to the same groups and making friends helped? I would have thought it'd be better to have the support?

Keep it up, it must be so refreshing to be within grabbing distance of your target x


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No don't think I'm the person you're thinking of. I'm in south east Glasgow. This is my Id on most forums

I'm floating between groups because I do alot of fitness. Big typo it's hard because I'm not making friends as I'm not at a regular group plus the fact you moss out on slimmer of week stuff.



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Ooohhh going back to my old class tonight because I'm too sore to do bootcamp after running 10k

Hoping to be able to walk normally soon.


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It was great to see the girls from my old class last night.
Good laugh and they were soo welcoming

Had a 1lb gain which is normally for me. So not to worried have been making great progress.


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Friends leaving do last night. No drink.

Thought I was being good choosing stuffed mushrooms (deep fried) arrgghhhh.

Then had the lasagne which was lovely.


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3lbs off on Thursday. Yippee

However it was a morning weigh in when I normally get weighed at night.

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