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  1. Dutch

    Dutch Goodbye Tum

    Hi, just a bit of fun, let's all pop down what we can/have to do now we're losing weight. I'll start with a couple

    I have to iron all the way to the top of my trousers because I don't wear long tops anymore to hide my bum.

    I can do my exercise dvd without fourteen sports bra's on (did without the other day, I'm not proud and am waiting for PCT to pay for new boobs on the NHS seeing as I've saved them a fortune by losing half my body weight)

    I can walk past groups of kids without being frightened they'll shout 'who ate all the pies' or some other caring comment.

    I have to battle in the sales now because my size is popular rather than an extreme which was always left at the end of sales.

    I can enjoy playing with my son and jump about and act a loon without worrying about people thinking it's an earthquake
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  3. shinyhappyperson

    shinyhappyperson Silver Member

    Go to Thorpe Park knowing I can do up the seatbelts on all the rides :D

    Buy things in La Senza :D
  4. SuffolkGuy

    SuffolkGuy Full Member

    Now I can look down and see my willy (without a complicated system of mirrors)!
  5. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    CD SS
  6. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    fitting in any clothes and wearing any clothes i want x
  7. diddy

    diddy Full Member

    taking my eldest iceskating and not be embarrased if i fall on my backside...taking my middle one snowboarding and nearly last but not least taking my youngest clothes shopping...woohoo! (ooh and theres a last one but im not going to divulge on a public forum:) )
    lol *blush*)

    diddy x
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  8. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    you go to my school of ironing LOL

    I have to catch my glasses almost every time I lean forward because they are falling off me instead of leaving their mark on my face :)

    I can wear my wedding ring

    I can wear heels in a bit of comfort instead of having to wear flats due to my weight crippling my poor feet.
  9. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    i can strecth in public without being terrified of my top lifting up and showing a few inches of flesh!
    if someone whistles when i walk by, i take it as a compliment (rude and oppressive compliment, but all the same...) rather than a sarcastic comment
    i can touch my toes with ease!
    my joints hurt less, and i can run faster than ever!
  10. Miel

    Miel French Honey

    Not worry about the coach seat belts not fitting when I go on a school trip with my daughter.
  11. scousemouse0151

    scousemouse0151 soon to be minnie mouse

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    slim&save, tried everything in the past,failed expert on them all
    actually wearing clothes to show off my new shape instead of clothes to hide it
  12. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    nice one scouse!
  13. Miel

    Miel French Honey

    Would be nice to be able to walk past a shop window, catch a glimpse of myself and wonder who that beautiful creature is, as opposed to 'who is that fat cow' :D I'm getting there.
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