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Things I have found helpful


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None of this is mindblowing stuff but just thought I would post it. These are some little things/tips that I have found helpful over the past four weeks:

1. Coming on this site. The words of wisdom, the encouragement, the pick me ups when you need it. I think it has made all the difference between chucking it in and carrying on at times.

2. Setting small, achieveable goals. I've broke it down into stones and am tackling each one as I go along. Not as daunting.

3. Peppermint tea - this has worked wonders for the old digestive system and helps curb that really odd taste you seem to get after the shakes.

4. After my last shake of the day I sit down with a litre jug of water and have a good old nosey through the recent posts on here. Makes me laugh, keeps me focused etc, keeps the water intake high.

5. Treats (not food related). Am planning these for when I meet each target. Very motivating.

6. Remembering the small compliments I am starting to get from friends and family.

7. Just generally realising that this diet is hard work - sticking to it fully I mean - but taking satisfaction in knowing that for everyday that passes it does get a bit easier and the rewards each week on the scales are well worth it.

That's all really. Like I said, not really anything new but I wanted to write it down.

LL has shared enough for today :eek:(!)

Keep on suppin' folks. LLxx
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All sound advice
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Great advice for nubies lazee lady well done:D:D


I *will* be skinny again!
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great advice! i still haven't tried the peppermint tea yet, might give it a go if it gets rid of the weird aftertaste of my shakes! lol xx


I will be skinny again!!!
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This is a great post :)
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Peppermint tea SO works for me! I drink it a pint at a time. Does it count towards my fluid intake or is it just water that counts?


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S: 13st12lb G: 8st12lb
Thanks guys.
Would love to hear anyone elses little tips or suggestions too.
Sometimes I read things on here and I just think "Oh, I do that too" or "I'll try that myself".

Feeling really good at the moment so just wanting to spread the love about a bit - if you get what I mean.

Take care LLx

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