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Well, I have just completed my first week on CD and can say that I am loving it - although I would have probably told a very different story on Day 5 when I was a moody cow who felt annoyed with everything!

I thought I would write down a few things that has helped me through week 1:

1) I explained everything to my fiance and let him read the book I was given so he understands what I am doing - this also got rid of some of the concerns he had - he is now really supportive.
2) I know this could be hard but I didnt use any bathroom scales during my first week so when I got to WI day I was a mixture of excited (as I knew I had lost but didnt know how much) and worried (as I didnt know if I had done well!) This meant that I firstly didnt freak out when I went through a couple of days without losing and I kept very motivated as I wanted to be chuffed at WI 1. I was also able to share my excitement with my CDC :)
3) Things to help hunger:
A hot bath
A hot water bottle on the tummy(seems to stop hunger pains)
An early night
Try splitting your shakes in half so you have smaller but more frequent shakes throughout the day
Hot drinks - i found peppermint tea easier to drink than black tea as I am a milk person!
Sparkling water - can make you feel more full than still
Try also to make sure that you have things to do in the evening, even if it is watching a DVD as evenings were a killer for me - much easier if you stay busy.

If you are still finding it difficult to stay on track, try looking at the inspiration slide show on MiniMins (above on the blue bar) The people are amazing and you can see what results can be achieved in such a short time - this has helped me at moments of weakness..
And most of all, remember why you are doing the diet - refer back to your initial thoughts of why you decided to make this journey, you are not alone and we can do this together :)
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What a great idea Gunna make it and some wonderful advice!

I would add:-

  1. Make sure you drink your water
  2. I found I spent the evening doing things like sorting out my wardrobe, or sorting through my piles of makeup, sorting out the cupboard under the sink...:D
  3. Remember this is not a punishment - it is your choice, so be positive and think of all the positive things that are going to come out of it.
  4. Think in terms of being slim, being healthy, you are going to be able to run for a bus, you will look good in a Bikini...whatever it is that you want to achieve...rather then I don't want to be fat, I don't want... I don't want...
And most of all remember it is possible! and YOU can do it!


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What a great thread, very useful :)