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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by delilah, 9 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. delilah

    delilah Full Member

    being quite a new CD-er i was wondering if there were things that people do to keep their minds off food or keep themselves busy, ive started taking really long bubble baths with a good book and having early nights. anyone else got any ideas? xx
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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    cleaning...sounds weird but my house is half clean where as it used to be a still does be a tip but when i feel the food calling i get cleaning!!!!!!
  4. ToejaM

    ToejaM Member

    Going to bed the instant I feel tired and its after 9pm :)

    My coke zero drinks and leaving my bit of chicken as long as possible haha. Mostly what keeps me going is... when I see my parents/people near my parents that havn't seen me in a while.. I wanna see their faces.
  5. melliepigpog

    melliepigpog Full Member

    A beauty regime! Never had one as such before, but now I will do my nails, massage bio oil into my skin, facials, hair masks, experiment with make up, look for the clothes i will be wearing when I am slim (specially undies!!), read books and talk to my daughter about all the nice holidays we will have when i can fit into a plane seat! If all that fails I just read the take away menu lol....
  6. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    My husband said our house is cleaner, not sure if I should be offeneded??:)
  7. couscous

    couscous Full Member

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    lol at your comment - that would tip me over the edge.
  8. Norwaygirl

    Norwaygirl Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    I also clean my house, and I spend a lot of time on this Forum to keep my mind busy. I can not sit in the sofa and watch tv, because then I feel the urge to eat a lot of snacks. I also go for walks, when I am not feeling to hungry. I am on day 4 now. Day 2 and 3 was horrible!!! ;)
  9. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Keep up the fabby work norwaygirl it gets easier hunni.xxxxx
  10. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Gold Member

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    Ironing,cleaning,MInimins arcade,paint nails,bath,sort clothes,all else fails go to bed perhaps take the OH!
  11. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member

    I'm a bit of a weird one:wave_cry:

    I sniff DH's food, read take-away menus (yay I'm not alone), watch cookery programmes, until last night I watched Biggest Loser which actually became quite emotional!!

    I trawl websites for clothes I'm going to fit into and fantasise about my holiday at Christmas where I WILL be in at least a size 12 bikini.

    I am also an obsessive weigher, I jump on the scales in the morning, when I get home and at least 4 times before bed, more at weekends, after a pee, a number 2, you name it, I'm there (lol).

    I also read the books about what foods I can have when I get to move up the plans so that I'm prepared even though its a long way off.

  12. SuzanneB

    SuzanneB Member

    I find that I'm looking forward to the near future when I can buy myself lovely clothes and not just flab coverers and most of all a pair of F%*K ME SHOES:D
  13. Biffo

    Biffo Member

    Sitting on the beach in Sardinia in 3 weeks time without a beer gut.....

  14. Loz1984

    Loz1984 Flab 2 Fab!

    I'm into the baths and the pampering too! It's getting to the point of obsession - i spend all day looking forward to getting home, having a bubbly bath, getting me pj's on and pampering before bed!

    I'm spending a fortune in lush and boots at the mo!!
  15. Norwaygirl

    Norwaygirl Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Thanks a lot :D :D :D :D
  16. littlemissspendthrift

    littlemissspendthrift impossible is nothing

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    at the minute i have just started doing cross stitch again. its amazing how quick the time goes by when im doing it
    also cleaning and getting all those little jobs done that i keep putting off
    this diet has made me more organised and tidier! a revelation!
  17. munchkin_b

    munchkin_b Member

    well.. im quite addicted to the scales and that keeps me going if i get on the one morning and i've lost half a pound or so its my insentive to keep going.

    also i feel loads healthier. i chew gum if i get too hungry but generally i just eat if im hungry just make sure its salad or fruit that im snacking on.
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  19. melliepigpog

    melliepigpog Full Member

    we are the same person!! do you find you weigh less at 7pm than you do at 5pm??
  20. melliepigpog

    melliepigpog Full Member

    Cross stitch!! I used to love doing those - i made a whole baby quilt when i was pregnant and DD still has it (she is now 14) - fab idea, I'm off to ebay to find one to do - thanks for the idea :) :D:D:D
  21. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    I go and check the horses or have a long bath!!!

    PS I too also read the takeaway menus..................!!

  22. oxfordruse

    oxfordruse This Time It's Personal!

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    All I'll say is thank God for Big Brother! It keeps me going through the ridiculously long summer days.
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