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Things that people not on Lighter Life just can’t understand…


Getting her sparkle back
Everyone has seemed a bit down lately so I thought i'd try and lighten the mood! Was thinking today of all the things that seem normal to us on Lighter Life, but to others must seem quite odd!

Here is my list:

Things that people not on Lighter Life just can’t understand…
• Ordering water in a restaurant, then having a mild panic trying to get the slice of lemon/lime out of the glass, trying to explain about ketosis.
• The whole concept of ketosis in general!
• Getting excited when the ketostix is pink.
• That being completely on abstinence means eating four packs a day, and no I cant have ‘just one glass of wine’/’just a little biscuit’
• How exciting it is to go into shops and just try stuff on, getting excited that a smaller size fits, but not buying anything as you know you might be in an even smaller size in a few weeks!
• That long car/train journeys need to be carefully planned to include toilet breaks.
• That the ‘new clothes’ you start wearing out and they comment on are actually old clothes that you never thought you’d be able to wear again!
• No I’m not ‘starving’ and no I won’t go to Macdonald’s/Pizza Express/KFC etc. the moment I get to 100 days.
• That meeting up with friends and just drinking water or coffee is fine, but hearing ‘are you sure you don’t mind me eating?’ and ‘oh I feel sooooo bad eating in front of you’ over and over again is very annoying.

Feel free to add your own! xxxx
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Love it Hanmac! Especially the toilet break one! Nearly had an 'accident' after being stuck in traffic on M25 yesterday - 'Welcome Break' was an understatement of the year :D
i nearly forgot about the lemon n lime thing haha. i was out with friends about 7wks in2 abstinace and my friend went to get drinks. i said to her water just ice and she brought back water, ice and wait for it....... a slice of lime!!! i was adamant the lime had somehow contaminated the water, so i took it back for a replacement. the bar staff must have thought i was absolutely quackers!!

the girls in work thought it was hilarious how i could be soooooooooo excited when it was time for my bar... and if i left the porridge till it had a skin on top, something to chew on hehe. bring back the good ol days. on day 3, no pink on my stick my OH thinks there is something seriously wrong with how much im testing my urine at the mo.
good to know you guys understand tho.

btw ur doing fab hanmac xx
A few more.....
1. The crazy mood swings especially the first few weeks
2. The enhanced sense of smell
3. The going to bed early when you've eaten all your packs and you're hungry!
4. The absolute devastation after spilling a shake!

Love the one about the lemon/lime - we had an engagement party a few weeks ago and I was nearly hysterical about the lime in the water!
You save so much time in the kitchen.
OH can't believe you'll actually do it.
You can really enjoy the flavour of a lettuce leaf.
You become a connoisseur of different waters.
You are still the same person inside.


Amusing Title.
I'm not an LL follower but doing Exante which is similar...

mine would be

  • getting very excited when you get fizzy water
  • the happiness that accompanies a normal BM
However i massively agree with people pitying you when they eat in front of you... yawn. I'm not being forced not to eat, its my choice and its not forever. ;)


who's heard
" i think you should stop now you dont look like the same person any more" erm hellooooo but thats the whole idea.
ive also been told
" you'l never be as slim as me!"


yes that is the whole idea!
that comment "you will never be as slim as me" unreal thats not a nice thing to say at all! ignore them dazzle x
trying different coffees is normal

The fizzy water when getting in from work is the best part of the day.

the excitment of looking forward to meeting someone whos not seen you for months, just for their upcoming reaction.

and as for what PP. The happyness and celebration of having a substantial BM...OMG. I must say that that is one of the biggest things I miss with this programme
Walking past a shop front window, seeing your reflection, and not believing it is yourself.

Moving in front of people along the aisle at the cinema to your seat and not knocking anyone over with your bum or your tum, and not even worry if you accidentily step on their toes

Having water all around you and over you in the tub

No thighs rubbing together, and when you try to make them touch, you knock knees. :D

Over a foot of seatbelt left on the airplane seatbelt

My very favourite one, was when my husband picked me up and cariied me upstairs. That was unreal for me. Absolutely made my day. Made my life! lol

So many thrills uncovered every day. Things that slim people take for granted.
Here's one i only discovered today. Weighing less than my husband! Woo must get him to carry me up the stairs!
wearing a size 10 dress to your little sisters wedding when you wore a size 18 to your own!

Working with the public and having a regular customer think you are a temp in to cover holidays.


...we're sinking deeper.
Looking at a gap you need to 'squeeze' through - moving through it like a crab --sideways-- ...........only realising afterwards that it was big enough for you to walk through normally without any sort of problem.

I do remember the lemon being a nightmare though - that one made me laugh! The waiters and barmen always looked at me dodgy...
Love the one about weighing less than your husband for the first time I weigh less than my husband - it's a great feeling!
I only discovered because I bought a new scales and he announced that they weren't working properly because he was 77kg (more than he thought) on them and I was happy to inform him that it was correct for my weight so it must be right for him so unknown to me until today I am more than a stone lighter than him!
I'll never be that! I was 4 stone heavier than him when I started!
Another one I just thought of.

The pleasure of Flight crew just glancing down at the seat belt before take off instead of asking "sir can I just check your belt" even though it is done up.

On the same note for flying, self gloating not having the tray rest on my gut (was amazed to have daylight between me and the tray to rest my black coffee on), also having some end on the seat belt strap after tightening.

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