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Extra Easy Things To Eat At My Desk

C: 11st4lb G: 10st0lb

I only started slimming world yesterday so wish me luck!!

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of what I can be eating at my desk as this is when I snack on bad things.

I had carrots today but they are really boring. Any ideas for a dip or anything that will stop me looking at the chocolate!?!?


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syn free hummus?? made with grinded up chickpeas, garlic, paprika and fromage frais??

maybe take a mix of peppers carrots and cucumber instead snack a jack popcorn bags are 2.5 syns as well!


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today i took a mixture of celery, peppers and cucumber cut up into strips, and i made a dip for the house of fat free yoghurt, fresh mint cut up finely and grated cucumber mixed up together. xx

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Alpen light bars are handy to keep in your bag for times like this at work (you can have two as a hexB) what about a punnet of grapes? or a few clemintines?

Quark with garlic can be nice for dippy things! xx
C: 11st4lb G: 10st0lb
mmmm all sound yummy thanks!! Going to do the big shop on saturday and buy lots of things I can pick at!

Good luck xx
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I really like snacking on cherry tomatoes! I also like slicing apple thinly and making my own "apple crisps" lol!


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Asda sweetfire chilli cottage cheese to eat with carrot or celery sticks. It's sooo tasty and only 1.5 syns for the whole pot.


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A packet of ryvita minis is a heb and they are great for snacking on dipped in fat free fromage frais


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Mugshots my favourite desk snacks, you can get them in lots of flavours and you just add hot water. As it says it comes in a mug so you can just have it on your desk and have it as a snack.
Fruit is always good as you can pick away all day and if you feel like a extra special treat buy fresh prepared fruit like mango, pineapple and melon. Yum yum


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the top tier of my in tray has become a tuck shop...but a healthy one, I have apples, bananas, plums, snak a jacks for desperate days and slimming world hi fi bars....its amazing how people come round hunting chocolate suddenly are happy with something healthy when they see it sat there!

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It's great you're taking the "snacking" so favourably! Get yourself prepared .... get that big Slimming World friendly shop in ASAP, and make sure you've always got loads of options for munching on at your desk! If you can, get yourself a "cool bag" with those little freeze blocks to keep all the forementioned suggested "goodies" nice and cool too, they'll taste so much more appealing ..... hopefully that'll keep you away from the chocolate vending machine, or canteen, or whatever! Good luck to you!


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I only just discovered Alpen lights yesterday, I know someone has already mentioned them but they are a really nice alternative to chocolate or a biscuit (esp choc fudge flavour!) 3 syns a bar or 2 as Hex B, can't go wrong :) I keep a box in my desk and I always take 2 bits of fruit and a fat free yog for snacking, stops me reaching for the biscuits!
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I snack on a tub of wee cherry tomatoes a day :D
My drawer under my desk consists of mug shots, tins of baked beans [easy to chuck in the microwave!] sugar free jelly, ryvita mini's and some green tea!! Not forgetting the frozen grapes in the workshop fridge!


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Alpen Light bars - 2 are one HEb
Ryvita fruit crunch - 2 pieces are one HEb (nice to dunk in tea!)
Option sachets - range from 1-3 syns, nice for a choccie fix
Mugshots - some are syn free some have a couple of syns
Fruit, fruit and more fruit!
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ah yes the hartleys suger free jelly pots, they dont need to be chilled (youl find the next to the jelly sachets in the supermarket) can keep them in your draw and are half a syn each for a pot all varieties. They'r good!

make yourself up some little pots of grapes, kiwi, orange segments and whatever else wont go brown and horrible (like apple when chopped, gag lol) when your ready, wack on a dollop of yog, and crumble your alpen up good and proper.. it takes you ages to eat and is like one of those fruit crunch things you can buy from stores.. one alpen really crumbled up makes loads.. and then you still have one left!

i always make a point of buying 2 boxes of alpens per week, a different flavour, so that i can have say and apple and sultana one on my fruit.. but a choc and fudge on when the choc cravings hit.. makes a difference!

fridge raiders are ok for desperate moments, some love them.. they'r a bit too processed for me, but then working 3 days a week and working with kids i have the luxery of my snacks being fresh.. rather than needing something desk-appropriate!

and who says things like pasta salads etc need to be a 'lunch' take small versions of what would usually be 'main meals' for example and munch on them! get some macoroni (i tend to find it makes loads, but you dont feel over stuffed as you would with big shaped pasta? ) tsp of mayo will cover all accordingly, tuna.. peppers, spring onion and cucumber..

take some 'kfc' style chicken with you, thats nice cold!



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A bit messy but if you have napkins on hand cottage cheese and Ryvita goes down well or Laughing cow extra light and Ryvita.

Im a fruit fiend also - a nice big tupperware full of melon, pineapple, kiwi ect keeps me occupied for ages!

The other thing i find great for the desk is homemade parsnip crisps if you have the time to make them. And, ive been partial to cold quorn saussage before now :)


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I snack on fruit through out the say but if I want to use my HEXB of 6 syns I'll have a Hi-Fi bar which I find filling.

I've made dips from mixing herbs with either fat-free natural yougurt or fat-free fromage frais!

All the best with your SW journey :) x