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Things to keep your mind off food (and hands busy)

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I am starting tomorrow and am going to need to find something to keep my mind and hands occupied in the evening.

Does anyone have any tips? I was thinking to learning how to knit but I don't know what i would knit (no babies around lol).

What do you all do?
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Working on it
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My mum suggested knitting but I wouldn't know where to start!!! You could knit yourself a hat and scarf for the winter or a blanket!? X
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I embroider cards, I make all my own birthday, Easter, Christmas, wedding etc cards.

You can't eat anything whilst making the cards as you just can't risk getting the card dirty.

It's easy to do & you can download patterns cheaply.

I use this site www.stitchingcards.com they also have a few free patterns if you're not too sure you'd be any good at it or if you'd like it.


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I second the sewing idea. You can't get food near sewing stuff as it messes up the lovely white fabric. It's easy to do if you get the cross-stitch kits too. Knitting is good, but i find it hard to do because i need to get up and down a lot with my daughter and i keep losing count of how many stitches i have and it gets annoying. If you have a hobbycraft store near you, go and check it out as they have lots of very time consuming hobbies in there (HobbyCraft - The Arts & Crafts Superstore | Hobby Craft) anything from painting and drawing, model building kits, fabrics/dressmaking supplies, knitting, sewing kits, kids gluing and sticking stuff, card making, etc etc.

Or... take up gardening. Or deep clean your house, not so fun, but can work as a distraction.

I work from home and find it hard as i have too much free time on my hands. When my daughter is at school i'm hoping to take up some voluntary work, i've just registered at the volunteer centre near me and am waiting for police checks/interview right now. I thought it would be great at getting me out the house and busy and away from food (as long as the job is chosen carefully!). I'd like to volunteer with befriending blind people, or doing crafts with autistic children, things like that.

Take up camping. I've been camping recently and it's been great fun. You can camp in a field in the middle of nowhere, 20 mile from the nearest supermarket and chip shop and just take your shakes with you - get a bit of exercise too.

Other hobbies which require more commitment include learning something new. If you are very adventurous, do an Open University course, i've done a couple. They are much cheaper than going to 'normal' university, you can work on getting more qualifications, and if you earn under a certain amount you can even get the courses totally free. Or, learn a new language (google ChinesePod, it has lots of free chinese lessons and very cheap suscriptions to premium services, or for spanish/french check out bususs.com which is a free community/facebook type language learning site where you can learn from real native speakers at no cost).

Finally, check out the arcade on this forum, i've wasted a good few hours of non-eating by playing mahjong and snake.

Hmm... i'm the queen of distractions and inventing things to do other than work, lol. Wish i could apply them better to not eating though!


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I do cross stitch, tapestry and long stitch. Reading also helps, watching foodie programmes on the telly doesn't! ;)

I am also getting quite good at self manicuring and nail painting :)


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I never eat when I'm on the laptop as it's new and I don't want to spill anything on it.... hence a lot of evenings on minimins! Perfect as keeps my hands busy and keeps my motivation going! ;)


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I'm going to list lots of stuff I don't need, wear or use on eBay. I shall have lots of size 12 an 14 clothes if anyone is interested. Lots of posh work suits too xxx


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Good thread. This is whAt I do

Card making
Scrapbooking where you can lose hours of your time
Ironing (blah)

Internet message boards.
Also games online - Farmville. Words with friends, bejewelled .... All ever so slightly addictive.
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MINIMINS!! I've never joined a forum before this but it's highly addictive and soooo helpful to keep you motivated. Good luck with your journey and keep us all posted. x
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Definatley come on here :D
Spring cleaning ?
Decorating ?
Walks ?
Exercise ?

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