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think my problem is mixing up the days

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Ok this is what I had yesterday:

B: 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk
S: banana, muller yoghurt
L: ham salad, grapes, apple
D: Spanish Chicken - hubbie made it, it's rice, peppers,onion, mushroom, herbs, chicken stock & chicken thighs (skins off)

So which day am I doing EE, Red, Green - I don't know EE as used to do R/G and doing at home.

Today has been

B: Weetabix
L: ham salad sarnie small bread
D: will be spag bol

Obviously had fruit etc

This I think is where I'm going wrong it's okto lunch then hubby cooks dinner & messes it up as get confused as to what I'm doing.

What do you think?
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Yesterday fits in as a EE day - mixing red and green free foods with 1 HEA and 1HEB. However, you need 1/3rd superfree which I am not sure if you had in the evening meal without seeing it!

Today you are a bit stuck. You have had 2 HEB and 1 HEA. So unless you syn one of the HEBs you are tied to a red/green day (only one of each HE on EE). However, if you do that and go down the red/green path you will use syns tonight on the spag bol. I would say go EE today, syn the bread roll. However, as yesterday you will need 1/3rd superfree with tonights spag bol. Less spag and boll and add a side salad perhaps?

Can you not co-ordinate with your husband and plan the rest of your day around what he is cooking?


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I agree with H*Bomb, although you've mucked up a bit today with your healthy extras, it's essentially an EE day. You need to find out what hubby has planned for dinner and do your day around that. Can you sit down together once a week to plan a whole week of menus so you know where you are?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
thanks so much going to sit down with hubby tonight & plan plan plan


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you could always just have veg with bolognaise. That's what I often do when do spag bol for kids. Yesterday I ahd BNS mash with bologanise, and gave them spaghetti. I reckon if you always stick to one HE of each, then if hubbie does red or green day meal, you can always use extra HEs as a snack later.