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Going it alone this time.

S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
I've decided that I can do this by myself. I know the plan inside out ( I think) so here goes........

Monday EE
B: Banana, blueberries, 3 Ryvita (HEB) 2 laughing cow light blue (3 syns)
L: Jacket potato, ham, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, onion
D: Stir fry - mushrooms, peppers, onion, green beans, noodles, soy sauce, chillies & prawns
Semi skimmed milk in tea (HEA), crisps (6 syns)
Total syns 9

Tuesday EE
B: Banana, blueberries, 3 ryvita (HEB) 2 laughing cow light blue (3 syns), cherry tomatoes
L: chicken, tenderstem broccoli, green beans, new potatoes, mayo (5 syns)
D: potato skins filled with home made chilli - 5% fat beef mince, onions, tomatoes, pepper, mushrooms
Semi skimmed milk (HEA) in tea
Fat free yogurt with banana, apple, pear and SW hi fi light bar (3 syns)
Total syns 11

Wednesday EE
B: Banana, blueberries, 3 ryvita (HEB) 2 laughing cow light blue (3 syns), cherry tomatoes
L: Home made chilli (as lunch yesterday) with tenderstem broccoli & Pearl Barley
D: Stir fry chicken, peppers, onions, mushrooms, jacket potato, mayo (5 syns)
Semi skimmed milk (HEA) in tea, crisps (6 syns)
Total Syns 14
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S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Thursday EE
B: 2 small slices wholemeal bread (HEB) 1 egg, tbls mayo (5), ham, tomatoes, banana
L: Homemade syn free shepherds pie made with sweet potato mash, broccoli
D: chicken, stir fry peppers, mushrooms, onions, green beans,soy sauce and chilli, jacket potato, mayo (5)
snacks pineapple , milk in tea (HEA) and 1 babybel light (2)
total syns 12

Friday EE
B: Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, beans tomatoes
L: Batchelors pasta n sauce (1), asparagus, banana
D: boiled rice, homemade prawn dhansak (9 syns for whole curry (full fat yogurt (5) and oil (4)) 2 syns for my portion. Homemade saag aloo (6 syns for 3 tsp butter) so 3 for my portion. Dhansak was nice, but not sure about the saag aloo.
Snacks crisps (6), milk in tea (hea) from allowance
Total syns 12

B: 2 small slices wholemeal bread (HEB), 2 tsp butter (4) 2 poached eggs, apple
L: leftover dhansak and rice (2) (not really 1/3 superfree)
D: steak, jacket potato, tenderstem broccolli, schwartz pepper sauce, 1/2 packet (2.5)
snacks, milk from allowance in tea and pepper sauce, crisps (6)
Total syns 14.5
Managed to sit through lunch at frank and benny's with just a cup of tea while family ate , then came home to leftover curry - wasnt easy but not sure I will do that again.

Planning on a huge roast tomorrow with plenty of super free.
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Sunday EE
B: small wholemeal roll (HEB), light mayo (2.5 syns), eggs, tomato, apple
L: Leftover Curry with rice (2 syns) banana
D: Roast chicken, mashed potato (2.5 syns I added light mayo), cauli, brocolli, carrots, roast potatoes (1stp oil 2 syns), Gravy (6) syns,
Snacks Crisps (6 syns) pineapple
Syns for today 21 (slightly over, but ok over the whole week)
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
weigh in day..... 6lb down...

Monday EE
B: small wholemeal roll (HEB), 2 eggs, light mayo (2.5 syns), pear
L: leftover roast chicken (mash 2.5 syns for the mayo) , cauli, brocolli, carrots, gravy granules (2 syns)
D: Vegetable dhansak curry (1.5 syns)
Snacks, Milk HEA, biscuit 4.5 syns, crisps 6 syns
Total syns 19
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Tuesday Green - Very hungry day - yay 2 HeA's and 2 HeB's
B: small wholemeal roll (HEB), 2 dry fried eggs, mayo (2.5 syns) , pear
L Vegetable dhansak (1.5 syns)
D: Egg fried rice , asparagus, 1 tsp oil (2 syns)
snacks - small wholemeal roll (6 syns) milk in tea (HEA) cheddar 30g (HEA), pear, crisps (6 syns)
Syns for Today 18
S: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb
Wednesday - Green day
B: small wholemeal roll (HEB), 2 eggs, ketchup (1 syn)
L: Vegetable Dhansak ... again..... (1.5 syns)
D: Jacket potato, 3 dairy lea originals (HEA2), mushy peas, gravy (2 syns) banana
snacks - milk in tea (HEA1), slice cake (7 syns), 35g cheddar (HEB2)
Syns for today 11.5

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