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**Think Positive Thursday Daily Thread**

Morning !
I thought as I am late this morning there would already be a morning thread!

Well bad morning here, started when I tried to get out of bed and almost fainted, then had to sit on stairs and go down on bum ! Hubby helped me as my heart was pounding and I was seeing flashes in my eyes (a sign I ill faint which I do a few times a year, usually when have D and V), anyways I sat on bottom step and hubby made me a cuppa with a sugar - oops ! I think my BP dropped too low.

This has never happened before, apart from light headedness which is managable. I lay on sofa for an hour and I am now having a shake so feeling a little better.

Either it could be the ducolase I took last night (haven't been in 3 days) or overdoing it. I am only on day 5 today and yesterday I did an hour walk in morning, 15 mins wii fit and then another hour walk at 6pm.

Hubby says day of rest today !!!!

I almost reached for some toast but resisted !!!!

Have a friend coming for cuppa this morning, and I am still in my dressing gown !!!

How's everyone's day and has anyones else felt as above ??? After doing CD a number of times haven't had this befoe, but have never exersized either. I did 2 miles Mon, 3 Tues and 2 Wed.

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this time - the last time
Good morning. Well that doesn't sound very good. Hope you are feeling a it better now.

Lots of people seem to do gentle exercise (or mad shred) on SS and its not a problem for them. You might have just overdone it a little early in your new start. Maybe have a rest for a couple fo days and then start back walking gently to get back into it. Fingers crossed you start to feel better soon.

I have some good news to share this morning! On tuesday (day 6) I was able to wear some trousers to work that I could not pysically do up before christmas.

Today (day 8) I am wearing them - and they already feel a little baggy! woo hoo! I feel some progress is happening!

How is everyone else doing today?
Oh Jay that's fab about the trousers !!!!!! Bet you feel soo much slimmer ! I haven't worn my work trousers since last Wednesday. Started CD Sunday and not back to work til 21st, so hopefully they will be looser and then in time I can get back in my 14's ane even my 12's ! I have a wardrobe of clothes ranging from 10 to 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hope your feeling better soon Charley, have to say i think i've been lucky apart from some mild headaches thats all i've really had to deal with.

Today i'm off to speak to a new CDC (not happy with my current one) and hopefully she will be able to take me on instead, quite excited cus she sounds lovely but will see what happens.

Cant wait for weigh in tomorrow, soooo looking forward to seeing whether the first week has been worth it, i can already feel clothes feeling baggier so i know somethings happening.

As for exercise i was told to do non while on SS as the body isnt taking in enough calories to justify using them up exercising, i did a lot of walking on wednesday and heavy lifting and by tea time i was starving, this was apparantly because i'd done too much exercise, so now i just have a quick stroll in a morning and thats it.

have a good day everyone :)

Hi Charley, sometimes on cd I have been very lightheaded on standing, and have to get up very slowly or just hold on to something.
However I have never done any serious exercise whilst on ss, plus I am a 4 pack a day lady with milk.
I always get light headed with pmt, no need to answer this question in a post , but is it that time in your cycle?????
Your hubby sounds a star and you must obey him when he says today is a rest day, I don't think any of us would have a problem obeying our men if they told us to rest!

Well, I am just putting off cleaning the toilets and bathrooms(no we don't live in a mansion- a new build ), then awaiting a visit from my cdc with new goodies this afternoon.....excited about maple and pecan porridge, a new selection of bars as I started last week with 7 choc/orange ones which I have gone off since last time and a sachet of veg soup.
Mr T only working from Mancs today so will be nice to have him home by 7......unless he gets caught up on one of his many exciting conference calls.
Talking of Mr T, I have mentioned he is eating non-stop due to quitting smoking, so yesterday I went to the traditional sweet shop and bought him several quarter bags of sweets to suck on, he said "yes I forgot that when you're on a diet you always carry on buying treats, but for me', there was a thread about this the other day, I didn't post as I wasn't aware I did it ,but I do.....I think I am secretly testing myself,but enjoying the feeling of control!

J'- great news on the trousers, I can't wait until my duffle coat I got in September is a little less snug on the chest, then I can stop having to wear my large mens waterproof.

Have a great day all ! x
HI Charley , hope you are feeling a lot better now , I would guess that you overdid the excersise yesterday and put yourself into too high a calorie deficite and it caused the sudden drop in BP and energy , maybe worth doing slightly less of going up to 810 if you want to do so much excersise , I have bought the 30 day shred DVD but will not start it till I start 810 in the next few weeks as I know it will make me feel like this

I am feeling more positive this morning :) I had a good day yesterday till about 6 pm when I started to feel terrible and soooo hungry I couldnt sit still , I just wanted to cry .... so I had an extra bar .. so not exactly 100 % but 4 products a day is still not bad and it helped me through the evening so very happy with myself :)
The scales this morning are showing a 2lb since monday so i am happy that the biscuits didnt do too much damage :)

I am working the night shift tonight , I only started working nights last week in a new job ( sister in charge in a nursing home ) and I love it , although not quite got used to day sleeping and how to spread my packs ..... I am going to try and have a shake at lunch time , one at tea time then a SS+ meal before i go to work and my last shake , then I get a break at 4 am when i will have a shake ( from tomorrows allowance ) and then hopefully sleep all day and have shake at tea time tomorrow and some on the night shift tomorrow night ... its not easy to spread them out !!!

I am actually really looking forward to work tonight , after 5 years being very unhappy working in the NHS I have finally found a job that gives me the oppurtunity to give hands on nursing care ( that I went into nursing for ) and not spend all day doing paper work and chasing doctors and tests ... whilst delegating hands on care to my care assistants :sigh:

I hope everyone else is having a good day :)
I'm fed up :-(

The scs for 5days!!! Not one oz off! It is really pissing me off I could go and eat the biccy jar!!
I'm fed up :-(

The scs for 5days!!! Not one oz off! It is really pissing me off I could go and eat the biccy jar!!
no dont do that , believe me it wont make you feel any better !! Honestly hun , the body works in mysterious ways and you often STS for days at a time then loose 3 or 4 lb overnight..... its like your body is rearranging all the fat cells ready to get rid of them !! Stay strong and maybe dont weigh for a few days .. if you are 100 % you WILL see a loss , it just doesnt come off at a constant rate every day :)
I have had this before, a day of rest sounds good for today! I was once on a night shift & started feeling so faint & really ill kept wobbling when stood up! Someone did my bp & it had dropped low... I just drank lots of water & luckily my colleague gave me five minutes to sit & take some deep breaths! of course everyone was telling me to eat something!
My scales haven't moved for days..... So am gonna try have a few days off jumping on them!! I have been here before & I know my body takes a while to get in the swing of it So I need to stop expecting miracles!
Hope everyone else is having a good thursday! Xxxxx
Hi Chelly, ohhh good luck for weigh in ! And yes I think I probably overdid things, I am feeling better this afternoon !!

Mrs T - I have implanon so rarely have periods but last time I did CD I did and they were very heavy ! Could be the start of the return of them??? UGH ! I want some sweeties too !

Determinator I am so glad you are enjoying your new job !!!!!!!!!! And having an extra bar is better than raiding the fridge hun, so don't feel too bad x

Kimmie, - Don't ! I feel the same as you, but imagine how awful you will feel afterwards !!! Come on hun we can resist !!!!!!!!!!!

JLM - thanks, I think I will have an easy day today ! Don't want to wake up feeling like that tomorrow !!!! And yes we should all stop scale hopping.....eee we are terrible !
Determinator, so hope the staff in my dad's new care home have the same attitude as you, must admit the new clinical lead seems lovely and progressive in his approach to dementia care.

No Charley you cannot have sweets,but you can chop a bar up into pieces and put them in a bag to pretend they are from the sweetie shop.

To those with sticking scales, it is totally pants when they don't budge,I feel like I deserve to lose 2lbs a day on this diet.....but we all know they will, stay strong until the next loss, because however frustrating it is , it is far better than a gain.
Morning All -- or should I say "Afternoon" --

Thanks again for starting the daily thread Charley.

@Charley: I think the others are correct -- it was too much exercise, too soon. Give it a rest for a few days and then ease into exercise.

I did nothing other than a little extra walking the first week. Last week I did a couple of light exercise activities at home. This week I went to Aquafit on Monday and will go again tonight (but I do what I can... the instructor is always saying "do it like this... or turn it up like this". And, I hope to do one more "proper" exercise thing this week -- probably on Saturday (have a day of rest -- esp. since aquafit is from 7 to 8 p.m.). Then, 3 x a week is all I really want to do -- when I kept adding exercise and then stopped -- that is when I started to regain the weight. I need to learn to manage my weight (once it is off) with a realistic level of exercise for me.

@JanelleKay -- Awesome news on the trousers! I am soooo looking forward to getting into the next size down --comfortably. I am tired of the few pairs that I can squeeze into -- as I lost the weight I gave away the bigger sizes (on purpose) because I felt that they were a "safety net" for me. And, when I started to regain -- not having any clothes or having uncomfortable clothes helped motivated me to make those attempts at taking it back off. I think I would have gained it all back -- otherwise. Having to go out and buy bigger clothes was a real wake up call. And, the bigger size (I was needing a 16 in trousers when I restarted this time) was painful to accept.

Katie -- Good luck with the new job. I know how you feel. I never wanted to be the "head teacher" -- I like bieng with the kids.

Kimmie -- Hang in there. I know I've posted this before -- so forgive me if you have already read this. I have a scale that shows your fat to water ratios and I learned to watch those when I was on LL. You water goes up and your fat goes down and then all of sudden you show a loss of weight -- and ratios reset. It is showing the changes in body that occur as your body loses the weight. It is very cool and motivational.

BTW, I did not just get up - I am not a total slacker. :) I have chatted with a friend on the phone, made fried rice (for DS and his friend), walked the dog with a neighbour, did a little laundry (never ends), made a business call, some dishes, planned dinner, watched Gray's Anatomy (saved on Sky+), and had my first Choc Orange bar. Like the taste (except the aftertaste), but the texture is a bit grainy under the chewiness.

Now, for more chores, errands, etc.

I hope everyone has a good day. Feel better Charley and be strong Kimmie!!!

Oh my my ds has finally caught chicken pox of dd lol
@Kimmie isn't always that way. They can't have it at the same time and be done with it. With a 21 day incubation period if you have three children it can go one for two months!!!

Bless them -- it is so scratchy and miserable. be sure to cut their nails really short, and bathe them in baking soda and warm water bathes (it helps).


P.S. I hope you and your Dh have had it -- it is usually much worse in adults.
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Yeah we've had it thank god. He's only got a few ATM and DD hardly had any, was all on her bum! So decided to potty train her at the same time and she's now in big girl pants all day!

So I have to stay in for 21days once the spots appear? DD didn't scratch to much but brought some cream stuff for her so will use that too.

He's only 15mths so hopping he won't scratch tbh lol
No -- from what I remember they are only infectcious when they are running a fever in the early days and as long as new spots are appearing. Once no more new spots pop up and the others are starting to scab and dry out -- they are not longer contagious. And, if you've had it, then you are less likely to get it (you still can esp. if your original case was a mild one).

Hi Minnie, sounds like you have had a busy day !!!
I have done my ironing hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimmie so sorry little one has chickenpox - nightmare !!!!!!!!
I had chicken pox at 17 and again at 24, not shingles, actual chickenpox !!! My girls had it a few years back, DD1 badly but DD2 only 3 spots so I guess she could catch again !!!!!
Ironing... no way, not even if watching the DVD I've rented. Oh maybe with that. LOL

I've not done enough, been online too much. I need to get cracking. DD will be home soon and we need to go run some errands then I have to do the Gymnastics transport (I pick up and deliver and the other mum brings home). And after the gym run -- I will need to get home to make dinner for DH and DS, and I just learned that there is a social thing tonight at the base club (a Bunco night) and I am going to see if my sad friend wants to go.

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Hi Kimmie, Master T had chickenpox wk before xmas,I got all my info from the NHS Direct website, on there it tells you that it is no longer infectious once that the last spot has scabbed over.
I took my son to the park during school time when no one on the playground to stop us both going stir crazy, apart from the cough he had with it he was fine in himself.
The teacher at school told me one of the staff has had cpox 3 times, and I also was lead to believe that it comes out as shingles in adults.

Hope your little one doesn't suffer badly with it x

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