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**Think Thinner Tuesday Daily Thread**

Morning !
Hope everyone is having a great day :)
I have just got the girls off to school, quick clean up and then shower and off out for a walk to return my BLUE mascara I bought in error yesterday !!!

Then my CDC is coming over at 11.30 with my packs and I can't wait to try the new porridge !!!!!!

This afternoon we are off to my sisters an hour away to deliver her birthday presents and she is making pizza for the troops (not me tho - boo) hehe.

What's everyone up to?
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Good morning ! I am happy this morning qas lost another 2lb since yesterday ( yes I am a daily weigher !!) and only 3 more lbs till i have lost my christmas gain of 18 lb!!!
I will be taking my eldest to pre school soon and then come home and do a bit of lovely house work :rolleyes: may pop to see my parents later as my mum broke her arm last week so see if they need any help with anything :)

I hope you like the new porridge , i love it but only got 3 packs so will have to spread them over the week !!
I am feeling a little peckish today , day 3 of 100 % , as although I have been back on it for 9 days now I have had the odd biscuit ( of all things to choose !!) every day , not sure what it is about biscuits , I never ate them before I started on TFR ... but its the one thing I find really really hard to resist .. maybe its the total contrast to the texture of the CD products , I dont know , but every time I open the tin to give the kids a bcuiscuit .. I could cry I want one so much !!!! how silly

Hope everyone else has a great day :)
Hi Determinator, well done on the 2lbs :) I am a scale hopper a well, hubby keeps saying he is going to hide them !
Sorry to hear about your Mum's arm, it's nice that you are going to help!!!
Do you know what I want? CRISPS !!! I am terrible for crisps, I am on day 3 which is usually my worst day!

I am orried about walkig too, last time I did CD I did no exersize and the weight dropped off, not sure if doing it this soon will hinder the pounds dropping which is silly. I want to be thin and fit.....altho I got to goal and looked good in clothes, I never felt firm or toned but realise that it may take longer to be thinner on scales if I work out.

I am cold this morning bu no rain as yet, and I have a new tracksuit to wear and mp3 player all charged with some good songs to walk to!
Woahhhh stood on scales this morning and have a quarter of a lb to go and I'm in the 17s! About bloody time! Which makes my weightloss for 10days at 17lb :) still not pre-Xmas weight though :-(

Got to have my minging Tony ferguson shakes as iv completely ran out!! But going to try and manage on water as it's my weigh in tonight at half 5 lol
Woop Woop Kimmie ! That's a fab loss, it's always soo good to see the next stone bracket down ! It's awful running out of shakes, or being left with minging ones - I hate the soup and have 4 lying around which I will never eat !!!
I'm jut watching biggest looser! I want to go on here!
Morning, just dropped Master T off at Nursery for the morning, so got a few jobs to do, few calls on dad's behalf then I am going to see Master T's best friend's new baby sister before picking him up, can't wait.
Mr T working in London today and tomorrow so although I will miss him tonight, at least I won't have to be witness to his no-smoking diet, which is loads of food, nibbles and a few glasses of vino.

Have a happy day everyone. x
Morning everyone :)

Im new to the cambridge plan, just finished my first week,start week 2 now still 100% yay.
Today's plans are entertaining the lil ones lol
Have a lovely day guys x


Why Be Normal?
Welcome Nincancy!!!

Welcome Nicanancy!!!

Thanks again for starting the daily thread Charley! And, you know, blue mascara is all the rage... maybe you were meant to wear it. Do you have brown eyes?

I'm missing having salad with chicken on it. I may have to move up to SS+ sooner than I'd plan. I am no longer even craving Reeses' Peanut Butter cups. Yeah!

Hi Det -- Step away from the cookie tin! I haven't tried the porriage, yet -- but I think it might be good for helping you feel as if you actually ate something.

Congrats Kimmie - I can't wait to move to the next stone bracket down! Great Losses!

Wow, Mrs. T -- Your dieting, Mr T is quitting smoking and Master T is a three year old... what a recipe for stress! ;) I hope you all live through this.

Actually, Mr. MM -- is doing South Beach as I am doing CD.

He started only after I managed to make it through my first week (as I have had a few false starts during the past year). It works well -- I get to cook for him (as I love to cook when I am on a VLCD), I can stick to my diet, and we are both losing weight that we should. And, our DS and DD are meat eaters, so the low carb South Beach works well for them, too.

Have a good day, all.

Hi Kimmie, I enjoyed th BL, not as good as the US one tho, but it facinating stuff!!!

Morning Mrs T sounds like you have a nice day planned, and a break from hubby hehe, I love mine but love the peace sometimes !

Hi Nica well done on your first week !!! 7lbs loss is fab !

Hi Minnie yes I have brown eyes, but at almost 36 I think I would feel a bit like a teenager in blue mascara !

They changed it for black tho - phew !!!! An then I walked to kids school in the wind and rain and dropped off DD2's gymnastics money.

Altogether probably 3 miles done today !! Mind you I was freezing and covered in mud when I got back. My CDC came over had a bit long chat and got some of the new porridge which I am having for tea !

I have never done the south beach diet (must be one of the only diets I haven't tried) !!!!!

When I did CD restart last year my hubby did a week of SS with me to get me int ketosis and lost 10lbs. Wish he was helping me again hehe, day 3 for me !
@Charley -- Glad they exchanged it for you -- but compared to me: you are a teenager!!!

The South Beach Diet is a low GI (low carb, but not no carb) diet. It is really the way you should eat for the rest of your life (Phase 3 that is). Phase 1 is to break your bad food/carbohydrate addtictions and jump start your weight loss, and pahse 2 is the weight loss phase -- and once you at your goal weight you stablise and maintain on Phase 3.)

It was developed by a (South Beach of Miami) Florida cardiologist for his heart patients -- and when one of the results was not only the improved cholesteral, blood pressure, etc. but weight loss, some "big wig" convinced the doctor to write a "diet" book.

The Weight Watchers programme and Tesco Diets are very South Beachy.

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skinny jeans-im on my way
hello there everyone,glad everyones ok and sticking to plan,i have one more day low carbing then straight on to sole source on thursday,looking forward to it now,feeling v.positive.x
hello there everyone,glad everyones ok and sticking to plan,i have one more day low carbing then straight on to sole source on thursday,looking forward to it now,feeling v.positive.x

That's great RA. You should slide right in to ketosis having done this preparation.

Keep us posted.

My sister is starting ss tomorrow and I'm dreading it! She did it before, didn't stick to it, and didn't have all her shakes and only lost a stone in 3 weeks! And tbh il be embarrassed taking her back to my CDC if she's not sticking to it, I really hope she trys not to get me to cheat either like she did last time! Arghh. She also only wants to be on it a little while to loose two stone :-s
@Kimmie --

Why don't the two of you go to see the CDC at the same time -- and do your own "Biggest Loser". Have a penalty/reward dael -- whoever lost the least has to... paint the other one's nails? Do their ironing (I'd never eat again!), etc. It could be motivational. I have three sisters myself and we can be very competitive!

And, even if she only wants to lose 2 stone -- those last two stone are hard to lose and you are closer to your BMI, and it could take her some time to do it.

It may be that she is "back" to do it this time. I am certain your fantastic losses have been inspirational to her.

Hi RubyAngel,

With over 5 stone to lose -- I would not be surprised if you did lose a stone in 3 weeks. The first week you usually drop a lot, and then it does slow up... but it comes off at about a stone a month. I lost 5 stone in 14 weeks in 2008.

She sees it as easy weight loss and quick. Were going to go together, she's coming tonight with me lol! We shall aee how she gets on. She doesn't like takin advice from me, I get the "stop telling me what to do, I'm 34 not 3"


skinny jeans-im on my way
thanks for the advice minniemel,i was thinking earlier,i wonder what it will feel like to be thin? ive been carrying this heavy body for a good few years now. cant imagine feeling lighter, hope i dont sound mad! lol
afternoon :)

just having a sit down with the baby as she has fallen asleep on me.

so what are we all having for dinner? i think im gonna try the butterscotch shake.. would it be ok done hot?

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