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Thinking about becoming a consultant


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I have been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of weeks, and although my weight loss hasnt all been on the sw plan I am seriously thinking about becoming a consultant, I really do enjoy going to class, and think that with all what I have been through losing almost 9 stone so far I could help all kinds of people. Is it something thats very difficult to get into does anyone know?
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Ask your consultant hun. They have Opportunities Evenings quite often where they tell you all about it, warts and all. If you are interested you go off for interviews etc, to see if SW want you basically.

They find you a place to have a class, you go where and when they want you to go. It's anything from £500 to a grand to set up.

I would LOVE to do it but cannot dedicate the time it requires so it's on hold for a few years.

Good luck!
As Jaylou says, go to an Opportunity Event where you can get an idea of the costs and the amount of effort that it involves (and it appears that you do need to be very commited to get your group off the ground).
My C keeps talking to me about it - I'm still unsure. At the moment, I am off to interviews next month.
You really need to see if this works for you - but I admire and support your sentiments - I can't imagine greater pleasure than seeing people achieve and supporting those during difficult phases.
Best of luck. x


Go for it snuggle you will be great i'm sure. I have a lot to go yet, but have to admit it has crossed my mind :D


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You would be great, you always have good advice for me. I dont think that i could be a Consultant, too impatient and snappy, whoops


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Thanks for your comments, I have now emailed slimming world on this. I really do want to give it a go! Will keep you all posted x


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Hey Snugs, Go for it!!! I'd love to do it one day too, and my C (who is also a friend) says that there are always openings for new people, in Swansea anyway, so I would have thought all over the UK!! You've got the personality and enthusiasm, I can see that, and with your experience and AMAZING weight loss you'd be incredibly inspiring!! People want someone they can relate to who can empathise with the realities and frustrations of struggling with losing weight! I know that you have to pay out quite a lot initially to buy all the packs/books/merchandise, and that you have to do advertising campaigns a coupld of times a year- posters/flyers through doors etc but once you start getting the numbers you can get your money back quite quickly! I suppose you'd have to pay into a private pension, but this is the case with many jobs!! I'd be very interested too as it's right up my street (not geographically unfortunately!! Ha!) but the money wouldn't match what I get in nursing so I'd have to think long and hard about it! Maybe when the Tory/Libdems get rid of me from the NHS it could be an option!!! Good luck, I can't wait to see how you get on at the opportunities evening!!XXX


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Funcurls, thanks for your comments, I would be looking initially at least to do this in addition to my full time job, evening classes, maybe a sat morning one, then just see how things pan out? My children are all getting older now and need me less and less, apart from as a taxi, hotel, chef and launderette lol so I have time on my hands.


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Hey Snugs, my friend on Facebook has just recently started a SW class, i will send you her name and maybe you could ask her all about it!



Never gets tired of SW!
Funcurls, thanks for your comments, I would be looking initially at least to do this in addition to my full time job, evening classes, maybe a sat morning one, then just see how things pan out? My children are all getting older now and need me less and less, apart from as a taxi, hotel, chef and launderette lol so I have time on my hands.
LOL!! Sounds ideal then!! Yeh maybe it would be something I could do one day as an addition to my job!! Tricky with shiftwork though- that's the only problem!!X
My friend has just resigned from group because it is quite a commitment. For them it was eating to much into family time, all the planning & running about. I think because the group was on Monday it didn't help.

It is hard work, even for just the one class & is time consuming.

Good luck though - he really really enjoyed doing it & had he not worked full time & had a family to think of would have carried on his group :)
Lots of good advice here. I would add that it is a good idea to check around your local area and see if there are any places which do not already have a group. You are not going to get a lot of customers if there are already several good well-established groups in the area.

Another idea is to try to find out if any of the local consultants would like to give up their class soon. It might be possible to take over a class which is already up and running.


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There is far more to it than you think. You have to commit to monthly meetings, delivering loads of leaflets, adverts in the local papers. I looked into it and to be honest the management structure was not all it was cracked up to be. You need alot of oomph to make it work. It's alot of commitment and don't believe what they say you can make.
^ i also read that thread a while back.

I would LOVE to be a slimmingworld consultant, but i dont think i'l ever be in a position where the job satisfaction can outway the financial side of it so much.. whilst i ultimatly think job satisfaction is most deffinatly more important, you also have to pay your bills! being self employed can be very difficult on tough weeks, and you may not see a return for the money you put in for a fair while.. esp if your area is already well covered.

id love to know if you went ahead with this!!! I think its an amazing job to have! I wish i could do it.


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I love a challenge, and I think that when I hit target thats what is going to be missing from my life, interesting reading though that netmums thread. I have emailed sw so lets see if I hear back from them!
Thanks for all your advice so far and anymore will be greatly appreciated!
Hi again I'm another newbie joining you for the relaunch dates training on 12th dec- can't wait. Although I'm quite nervous to - I've visited my group- it's very small - and the members seem lovely.

can I just asked has everyone received their consultant number? How did you receive it - email post etc? I'd really like to start my online modules if possible as time is just flying in. Also- I haven't received any notice about booking hotel etc from sw?
Look forward to meeting you all :)

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