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Thinking about coming back


Hi everyone.

Well, last year I did Cambridge for about 9 weeks and lost just over 3 stone if I remember rightly. That was just a dent in my weight as I had about another 8 to go. Anyway, I stupidly stopped, but on the 3 stone, plus another 2!!

Anyway, I am desperate to start a family, but at roughly 24 stone, I know it's not the time to do so - I really want to be healthier and a size 18 max (I am currently about a size 26+). The only way I know I can do this quickly is through Cambridge.

My dilemma was that I am going on holiday on 2nd Sept - it's for a week and it's all inclusive. It's my first trip abroad and now I have paid for all incl, I am not going to then go and do SS, so part of me was thinking that I should just not bother starting until after my holiday. However, I have had a change of heart and think now that perhaps it's better to start asap, lose as much as I can before the hol, then have the week's break and get straight back on when I get back to the UK.

What do you reckon? I was hoping to start trying to conceive in Sept, but those hopes were earlier on in the year - if only I had thought of starting cambridge then, I'd be a decent enough weight to get going!
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Hi Bunny, and welcome back.

It's a difficult decision to make, as many people know taking a break in the middle can be absolutely fatal. Is there any chance you could try low carb between now and your holiday, then hit CD when you come back? You may find you're able to low carb it whilst you're on holiday, then you may already be in ketosis upon your return. Only you know if your resolve is strong enough - good luck with you decision :)
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If I were you I'd make a start now, you could have 2 stones off before you go. Alternatively if you don't start til after you come back, how much more will you have put on? Take a week off while you're away then you'll be ready to start again on your return. Good Luck with making the right decision for you.


Thanks both - I definitely understand about how it could be damaging taking a break, but if I am determined it's just a week, then back on, I think I could cope with that. As it's my first ever trip abroad, I do not want to be thinking about dieting at all - I want to enjoy it to the fullest as I think it'll be the last trip abroad for a long time (financial and babymaking reasons!!!). So really, I think Hope, your advice is what I will try and go with... like you say, I could lose a couple of stone before I go, which would be fantastic. Whereas, I don't think at this rate I will lose anything before I go as when I have to think of food, I just have no willpower. When I did Cambridge before it was just so good to not have to think about what to cook.

I am waiting for my local CDC to send me the consent form so I can see my doc before I start and I think I may as well just go for it.

It is hard, and it would have been so much easier if I had started earlier, or had not booked an all inclusive holiday!!!!

Thanks for your replies
hi hun i started back in jan and completely fell of the planet with a hoilday to spain and two weekends of. found it really really hard ended up having a break for nearly a week to get my focus back it helped lots and now im back on and into my 3rd week woohoo kept 2 of the 3stone i lost of since jan. if i was you i think i would start now and get going as long as you can get back into it, thats the main thing. some people can do it some cant i know im ok now but i wasnt found it really hard.

becky xx


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I think you should go for it. 2 stone off will make you enjoy your holiday so much more!
Go for it bunnyg!

Hi there, start your CD. There is never a really good time to start. Life always seems to get in the way of dieting. I myself have messed about telling myself that I need to have a clear diary before I can start. Who was I kidding!? Just start it. You will feel better on your holiday away, and when you come back. You will start it again. If you don't start it, you might end up having a massive binge lasting until you get home from your hols. By starting the diet you are actually doing a bit of damage control. Good luck!

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