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Thinking about it!

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Hiya All

I am thinking of giving Cambridge another go!!!!

I have been doing weight watchers but it is true what people say, All Diets Are Hard!!! I thought WW would be easy but it's not! I don't stick to points , I don't eat 5 a day and still eat faar too much bread.... I think it may be easier to not have the food at all.

I have tried Cambridge before and failed but seriously thinking about it.

I have packs in the house for about 10 days and am looking to start next Monday! I have a weekend planned this week (going to a 50th and out for 2 meals).

This year I have a few 'dates' in mind for mini targets: -

April 28th - going to see PINK
July 31st - Birthday
August 28th Anniversary - going away

If I do Weight watchers I know I will be lucky to loose 2 stone by my anniversary!! WIth CD I know I could be at my target by then! SImple really isn't it not!

Anyway any thoughts, comments or ideas or help please. . .
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S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
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HIya, I am in a similar position, i thought WW would be soooo easy, but seriously its not and like you I need the fast results. I am starting CD again tomorrow as I have a few packs in the house, and I have said it before and I will say it again no doubt, but this time I really mean it!!
I mean what have we got to lose except some weight if we give it a go for even just a few little weeks????


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Hi,I think if you want to do cd again then I would start when you have seen cdc.Unless............you are absolutely 100% focussed enough to start again.The reason Im saying this is,that I have had several re start attempts using leftover packs,and,because I am not 100% geared up to do it I started using the packs every day but never made it through.For some reason having an absolute start date in mind and visiting the cdc can really gear you up and get you off to a great start.I would say if you are excited about starting and cant wait,then go for it,if you are just thinking about it,then you need to really gear yourself up before starting using those packs.
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I think WW is a good program, but you are right in saying that it's very hard to stick with, especially over the long term, because the results are so slow in coming. I think the real challenge is, once you arrive at goal, how do you keep it off?

I'm only on my first week of CD USA and I'm already worrying about that. I've lost and re-gained so much weight over my lifetime that I'm really worried about being able to keep it off when I'm finished.
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Hey, if you do CD then good luck. I think diets vary from person to person. I know I personally couldnt stick with WW or Slimming World because it is not strict enough and I found it very easy to get off target with it. CD is good if you need strict guidelines and dont need to think about what your eating each day - you just get on with it... plus you lose alot quicker which is always handy ;)

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