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Thinking about starting exante...few questions..:$

Hey evry1...ima currently on the cd diet bt i have a few questions abt the exante diet sowii if i sound relii silly with sum of the questions ima abt to ask bt i genuinely dnt kno much abt this diet and with cd u js tel the supplier what u wnt n they drop it off to u...so umm ere goes with the questions...hw much does exante cost per week? are the losses quite big on this diet...? is it like similar to cd as in u drink the shakes three tymz a day n lots of water in between n nuttin else in between them....ima currently 10.5 n i wna get dwn to the 8 stone bracket..so dnt av a lot to lose bt was js wnted it to b bit quicker inm 4'11 hw long do u tink it cud tke me to lose dat much? ne ideas?..cd is great bt the ting is i am strugglin with it financialy as its bit pricey...n i am a student at uni hu is currently broke lol...n hw do they get delivered out to u....hw do u order them? does evry1 hu is currently on this diet find it easy to follow and do u av to lyk weigh urself if so then on normal scales or electronic scales? coz on cd u get a councellor hu weighs u n measures so js was bit confused as to whether extante is diff frm cd or not.....like i sed b4 sorii abt all the questions bt ne info or advice or personal experience wud b great in elpin me to decide whether i shud go for it or nt...thnxx
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I only started this yesterday. So not an expert.

The bumper pack works out at £25 a week. So it is cheaper than individual weeks. I am following a shake, a cereal bar and a soup. The plan I am on is called total solution. I will be weighing myself and I do not have a counsellor. My pack was delivered to the door. If you order before 1 pm you get it the next day :)

I am sure a veteran can inform you more :)
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Hello and welcome!! :)

Its my first day on exante, but I did CD for 15weeks. I am not an expert for a comparison yet, but Ill try and help where I can.

Basically the exante diet is pretty much the same as the cambridge diet, with a few slight differences. I have numbered each issue though to try and make it less complicated.

(1) Cost: It depends on how you buy the products, it could be more expensive or it could be cheaper. Each product if brought individually is £2.38 on exante so providing you still do 3 products a day (you can do 4 on exante and they recommend it if you are particularly active or have a lot to lose) it will cost you about £49.98. With my CDC it would have cost £37.80 so in this case exante is more expensive. However exante have bumper packs where you buy a months supply and these work out at about £26.80/week so it would be slightly cheaper for you. For me, its a lot cheaper as I am 5ft 11 and was on 4packs with CD costing me £50.40 a week!!! :eek:

(2) Calories: Calories are slightly higher on exante. 3packs on exante = 600Kcals where as on CD it would have been 414Kcals. I actually prefer this as it makes exante slightly healthier/will give you more energy especially if you are slightly more active.

(3) Weight loss: Is about 14lbs per month on the total solution so the same as CD SS. The working solution which is similar to the 1000Kcal on CD is about 10lbs a month. Weight loss is therefore the same for both diets. From what I have read the rules are the same as well..dont do total food replacement below a BMI 25, you can add a meal week after week 4 or 12 same as CD. You recieve a little booklet which explains everything.

(4) Ordering the products: I think you can have a consultant on the exante diet, but I have opted to just order my products offline and then they get delivered to my home address. I will weigh myself on my own scales once a week. Personally, I prefer this, as I like to get on with things by myself (and come on this forum when I need support)

(5) Flavours - CD has more flavours than exante, but I have quite a narrow taste range anyway and even on CD only ever had chocolate. The bars look more substantial on exante and very appetising! I have found the shakes on exante more filling and thicker, but everyones taste is different

(6) Solutions/Steps

Exante has solutions where as CD has steps. There are similarities between them and although not completely the same I have found the following:

Exante Total Solution = CD SS
Exante Working Solution = CD 1000Kcal
Exante Simple Solution = CD 1200kcal
Exante also has a 4 week maintenance step (Healthy Solution) - CD is 6weeks in total. However you can always do the 1st week a couple of times like I will do. Its more a minimum guide really. When I finsih exante total, I will still have a couple of stone to lose so will do working solution for quite a few weeks.

Hope this helps! Overall exante is better priced, more calories = more energy for me but everyone is different.
so shud i go for the total solution option?? :S...u kno the bumper pack the variety one is that equivalent to cd ss? sowii for the confusion..? i wna lose this weight as quick as i can lol so i am tryin to go for the quicker solution on this exante if i did decide to go ahead with it lol...
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If you want to do the same as CD SS - do the Total Solution on exante = 3 packs per day.

The variety bumper back - gives you a months supply of soups and shakes or if you dont like soups normally, you can go for the shakes only bumper pack = a months supply of shakes only.

I have ordered a shakes only bumper pack (as I couldnt stand soups on CD) and one of each of the bars to try. The great thing about online is you can order what you like, when you like. Order before 1pm and it arrives the next day (except weekends!)
orite yh mite do dat then...mite get the bumper pack n then av three a day...dat shud b kk init? u kno wen u weigh urself do u weigh on a electronic scale or one them normal scales? ima av to buy one lol as i dnt av one...lol....
which one shud i get?
S: 16st3lb C: 16st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I weigh on electronic scales as I find them more accurate and I dont have to squint to work out which bar the arrow is pointing to on normal scales...hehe...dont go for the fancy ones which measure body fat etc as they are not very accurate. Just a simple electronic scales that just weighs your weight will be fine.
ok well thank you very much for your help and advice...will probably start it some time next week and will probably place my order later on this week to my home address...see how it goes...if i order the month one that should be enough to get me going and keep at it...hopefully will lose what i have to lose within that time period....
:) will let u know when i start on it...
by the way whats paypal? :s
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Its a safe way of transferring money - you need to set up an account, most ebay users use it. Basically instead of the money going from your bank account to exante, it goes from your bank account to paypal to exante. Paypal has protection policies so for example on ebay if the item was to be broken on arrival, you can get your money back etc etc
oh right so i have to register on the main website before i can order..? and you know the paypal account is that another separate account that you have to register for too? I don't really use ebay so i am abit slow on this kind of thing lol :$....with cdc its just cash in hand lol
S: 16st3lb C: 16st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yes register on the paypal website and also on the exante site.
So does this mean that the bank card that i register the account with then that is the only card that i can use to pay for exante? is that right? the reason i am asking is because sometimes i have more money in one account then the other hence the reason i am asking this question...sorii for all the questions i am glad that you are here to answer them it is really helping me..:D
S: 16st3lb C: 16st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
no worries...you can register more than one card with paypal or just transfer money from one account to the other just before buying.
ok..well if i do order it later on this week will start officially probably over the weekend so will only be a few days behind you :D so would be nice to keep each other motivated n that and be able to compare losses with each other :D...if that is ok with u of course...:$
actually yh this does sound like the best option for me...espec if its a months supply then won't have to worry abt reordering it evry week for a month n hopefully will lose a stone and a abit during that time...even if i am close enough to my goal at the end of the month that will be gd enuf for me...so long as i lose inches as well on am waisst as that is ma aim worri....do the people who are on this diet find that they lose inches on their body espec on their waist quite easily...???
js wondered..


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Due to the low carb element, I think people do lose inches very well :)
orite thnx nah js was wonderin as ma inch loss on cd aren't as big as i thort they woudl be...so i just thought is it any better on this diet or is it just the same and that...:) based on other people's experiences....
u kno wen u are creating a pay pal account what is the state and the zip code? i seem to be having problems in that section and for the contact number i did put my mobile number down but they say they want ma home numba...:S :$ can sum1 plz elp me with this so then i can order ma pack....thnx


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S: 27st7.0lb C: 16st11.0lb G: 12st13.0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 10st10lb(38.96%)
Have you gone on the .co.uk or .com? you need the UK one x

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