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Thinking about starting The Cambridge Diet!

Hi everyone. I'm thinking about starting the camridge diet. I'm a bit scared of not eating food. I don't want to put the weight back on when I start eating. I'm currently 10.9 and I want to get into the 9s. Just wanted some advice and everyones experience on the cd? Thanks :)
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Firstly welcome to minimins, you have come to the right place for all the support and advice.

CD is a great way to lose weight, i'm no where near maintaining but from what i have read i know that as long as you go up the plans you will be fine, the weight will stay off as long as your eating the right things.

Seems as you only have a stone to lose it really wont take you long at all. Do you plan to do SS or another plan ?


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starting cambridge diet

Hi, i am also starting cambridge diet on wednesday,
my sister did the diet and she started off at 15st 6 lb and she got to ger target of 10st with in 4 months,
she told me that they start you off on low cals then gradualy increase the cals and start introducing foods so that when u reach your target you eating the right amount of cals and the right foods, and this is how you maintain your weight,
if you feel hungry at any time, have lots of water as this will fill your stomach and your hunger pangs seem to ease off,
my sister also told me that if you stay away from carbs a week or so before your diet starts then you wont withdraw from carbs as bad,
good look to us both,
:D sarah x


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do it do it do it!!

Haha, maybe I am biased as Cambridge has totally changed my life, but my honest advice would be to just do it! You have nothing to lose apart from weight ;) xxx


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As you have a relatively small amount of weight to lose and you are scared of not having any food. I would suggest that you do the 810 plan.

It gives you a small amount of food to have everyday, but you will still have great losses every week! Typically my 810 clients lose at least 14lb in the first 4 weeks... which will bring you very close to where you want to be and then you can move up the plans to maintenance.

If you are serious about losing weight and determined to succeed, then I think that 810 would be a great path to take!



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come on board.....the journey is amazing!!!!
Hello and welcome...... go for it, it is THE BEST DIET ever. You could do SS for 2 weeks and would probably lose anywhere between 10 and 12lbs then you could move up the plans, that way you would lose the last few pounds whilst eating! xx
Yet another response urging you to just do it. There has been some good advice about how to approach weight loss in terms of how to use the plans. Good Luck - hope you will be a great loser!
Hi guys! Thanks for the support. I've decided to start the plan. I need to decide what counsellor I'm going to choose. I'm looking forward to it.
Hi all,

For the last two days all I have done is read through forum pages connected to the Cambridge diet. I have an appointment to see my consultant on Tues am and I have got to say after reading all your messages I am really excited.

Well done to you all for your fantastic weight losses.

Will keep u posted on how I do.


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Hey Nicky, glad to hear you're also starting CD. I love it so much, I feel like approaching people on the street to tell them how good it is (but obviously don't, cos I don't wanna get walloped :p) xx
Hey Nicky, glad to hear you're also starting CD. I love it so much, I feel like approaching people on the street to tell them how good it is (but obviously don't, cos I don't wanna get walloped :p) xx
CD evangalism!!! Very common affliction for successful users!!! :D

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