Thinking food thoughts!


Wants to do this!
I'm in week 8 and of late I've been thinking about food a great deal!

I've been planning everyday what I would like to eat if I was eating conventional food and what things I'd like to bake. I'm checking all sorts of recipes. Now it's starting to feel difficult but I'm determined to carry on.

My will power feels as though its waivering but I cannot - NO will not let this happen. After all I only plan to do this plan for 20 weeks initially. That's means I've got 12 weeks to go, but now 12 weeks is starting to feel like the months that it is - 3 months to be precise. DAMN!

When you look at how much weight I've lost so far, how can I possibly give up. I mean by the end of 20 weeks I could have easily lost 4 to 4 1/2 stones if not more.

So please if there are any words of encouragement I'd be so grateful.
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Hi there Channy,

It does get tough, I am on week 11 and have started fantasising about food I don't even like and i just cannot watch cookery programmes any more..

You have done so brilliantly, it really is an amazing weight loss - take some time out, write a list of all the things you hate/hated about being overweight.. I know clothing is a big thing for me, being able to get into smaller sizes and looking soooo much better.. Fitting into cinema seat... it all makes a difference..

Keep it up, can you do it... yes you can!!!


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Good luck, you are doing really well. I'm trying so hard to stay focussed and just get through this once and for all and it is so much easier with minimins!


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that's funny Channy because in week 8 i started thinking about food and collecting recipes!!! i held on until week 13 then had to go on 810 for a week which i didn't want to do but after that i stopped thinking about food! x