Thinking of a change in career


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Gem99 said:
I am thinking of making a change in career and was thinking about may be becoming a consultant ! How much money do you make from each group approx as I need to see if it will be worth my while finishing my full time job. x

I think you get half the membership fees, not sure what else, I'm sure somebody else can confirm

I do know that you have to have 50 paying members that WI every week for a month before they will let you open a second group. So I suspect it would take quite a while to build up a full time salary


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My group averages 25 members usually, & my consultant doesn't make anything as yet. You get a % of the membership fees (not sure how much but don't think its 1/2). But you have to pay room hire charges out of your bit. You also have to pay up front to start a group, and you have to pay for all the books etc. I wouldn't give up a full time job for it x


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Ask your consultant if you can attend an opportunities evening. You get the lowdown there, including set up fees, costs, potential earning etc. They don't hide anything, you get the full story.

I think you'd need to be running a lot of groups to make a full time salary (depending on what you expect of a full time salary though!).

Good luck if you do it, I'd love to but couldn't take the drop in wages really and don't have the time to do it part time.
Kingleds is right - I know a number of consultants and they are not making enough to consider giving up full-time employment.

The amount of the takings that you keep depends on the size of your group. I don't know the exact figures, but for instance if you had 50 members you would be able to keep a higher percentage than if you had 20. You have to have a large group to keep as much as 50%. I know from my own group that a lot of members see the money going into the cash box and think that it all goes to the consultant, but it doesn't!

You have to pay for everything - hire of the venue, all your stationery, all the things like stickers and slimmer of the week certificates, publicity material, advertising, posters, leaflets, etc. You have to pay to register under the Data Protection Act (because you will be keeping members' details on your computer).

It is also a lot of work. Meetings must be prepared for, rooms and equipment set up, members contacted (and they contact you, not always at convenient times!), and you would have to attend regional meetings.

I am not trying to put you off (really!) but you would need to look into things very carefully indeed before making a decision.


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I've attended an opportunities seminar and they do go into detail about what is required and what you get for your upfront fee (It's a franchise) The training seems to be quite comprehensive and is ongoing and yes you do have to attend monthly meetings.

There are two starter packs that include the things you need to start up and extras can be bought as and when you need them. One pack is a basic one (£800+) and the other (£1100+) includes everything including all the promotion material you need.

Your initial fee includes the cost of the licence fee which is £300 that you have to have before you can start your own group as well as £30 for registering with the Data Protection Act.

You only get the 50% of the takings once there is 70+ members. It starts off with 40% for 25 members and goes from there.



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You'd have to be in an area where there wasn't already an established group to do well i reckon.

My sw cons does about 7/8 classes a week, and they are really popular, so it wouldn't make any sense someone like me setting up in my local area!


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Thanks for your replies I will look into this a bit more, It would replace my salary.