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Thinking of a change


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I don't think you are mad but I think you need to give this some real serious thought. Relacement diets like LT, LL and CD are very strict and you are used to the freedom of SW. Do you think you can get by without your favourite foods? Have you thought about what happens when you come off it?

It is entirely up to you but whatever you decide keep us up to date with your progress x
Quick fix

Hi ya - after what feels like a life time of dieting and looking for quick fixes to my weight problem i've decided to stick with slow and steady. I've tried liquid diets in the past, and whilst i achieved a rapid weight loss as soon as i started to eat properly the weight piled back on! I guess only you can decide whats best for you, however i'd have a look at what the statistics are for how many people actually maintain their weight loss for any great length of time before they start putting it back on. Take care

Nikki :)

Nanny Jax

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Vicky, where on earth has this idea come from????? you seem to be getting along really well with SW. I don't know a great deal about the quick weight loss diets, but I always thought that the faster it comes off, the more chance of it going back on, just as fast in some cases! at least with SW, we know it works, albeit slowly but it is designed to teach us a healthier way of eating for life and surely that can only be good. No bull here now but the other day I was craving a salad!!!! I blooming ask you, I can't believe that I've told you that, any way don't go making any decisions till you've really thought it through. x


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Well said Jax, very true. Plenty of people put all the weight back on as soon as they start eating again as they haven't learnt healthy eating. If you just want to lose the weight for a special occassion then the quick fix route is fine but for long term slimness you need to do something that is sustainable, that will teach you how to be healthy for life. Dieting and weight loss isn't just about shifting the pounds it's about a life-long change and a plan for the future.
Thanks all for your replies, I think im going to give LT a shot for a couple of weeks, i might not even last a day, and see what happens. I have an appointment with the doc in the morning (still in bloody agony!) so Im gonna ask her what she thinks.
Hi vicky,i tried LT a couple of wks ago ,i managed one day,it was disgusting,i tried the bar and the choc mousse,i was nearly sick.i told the girls on here that i was leaving the site but i was soon back,i was only away 24hrs,i hope it works for you,take care luv kat
I didnt start LT. My doc advised me against it as my blood sugars are low normally and LT would too much for my body to cope with. I suppose I seen all the others losing 1.5 stone a month and thought it would be a quick fix. My mum is very pleased im sticking to SW.
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I did cambridge diet this time last year, lost a stone and just before starting SW was heavier than I was before starting CD. I didnt put the weight back on immediatly, it took a good few months as I was travelling around SE Asia and eating very healthy food however as soon as I got back to UK I put it on. Liquid diets teach us nothing about how to eat healthily and maintain weight loss. The woman I used to see for CD was massivly overweight whereas my SW group leader is very slim, having lost over 4 stone. The proof is there.
Thanks hun, i feel like a real twit now for even thinking about it


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Why do you feel like a twit hun? We all want the instant results and I'm sure if someone offered us a pill that we could take before bedtime and wake up the next morning with the body we wanted we would all take it! I totally understand why you would be tempted. I think you are better off sticking with SW as you will be healthier x

Nanny Jax

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I am glad you are staying on SW with us Vick, like taz says you will be healthier, and i think you are doing fab with SW anyway! :)
Thanks girls xx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i know someone who went on lipotrim and lost about 3 stone in 7 weeks. a year on and she's put a fair amount of the weight back on.
i read into it to see if it really was the 'miracle' we've all been waiting for.

what they don't tell you is that katosis also makes your muscles waste away and in turn this slows your metabolism so as soon as you introduce normal eating the weight piles back on. if you starve yourself, then eat your body will turn more calories into fat than normal as it doesn't know when it will be fed again...this is why it's important to eat regularly. they also add that fat they're trying to ban (can't remember what it's called).

anyway i didn't bother trying lipotrim, cambridge or lighter life. i am glad i've gone back to slimming world as i can eat and lose weight - heaven!
To be honest Taz, and im not knocking any other diet but the doctor told me some scary things


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I don't doubt it hun. I know that some doctors do refer people to these VLCD's but they are extreme and soooo restrictive. I admire those who stick to it as I know I couldn't but I really don't see how they are safe in the long term. That's just my opinion, a concern

Nanny Jax

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I have'nt seen any definitions :eek:Nor has my Doc told me anything scary:hide:but even I'm scared after reading your posts!!!

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