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Thinking Of Changing from LL to Lipotrim - Questions, questions...

Hi there y'all,
Thinking about a change from LL to Lipotrim, well actually haven't been doing LL for a while but didn't complete LL (loved SSing though!) and feel the need to get back on track to get to goal.... Can someone help with my questions please????
How much is a weekly supply?
Has anyone switched from LL and is the chocolate shake okay / as nice as LL?
Can you have any combination of flavours for the week? Could I have all chocolate shakes?
Do you have to be weighed at the chemist every week?
Do you need doctors permission to do Lipotrim?

Well thats a few questions, isn't it!!!!! Thanking you all in advance. Ta ta for now xx
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rainbow brite

Hi there :)

Down here in drizzly Plymouth a weeks supply is £36. It seems to vary over the UK though.

I haven't tried the LL chocolate shake but even though I hated the LT choc at first I now adore it :D

You can have all the same flavour if that's what floats your boat. :)

Yes, you do have to be weighed at the chemist every week

And no, your doctor doesn't have to recommend you but you do have to have 3 or more stone to lose or have a BMI of 30+

Hope that helps :)

~Gem x
Cheers me dear,
think thats everything, ta, I hated the LL choc at first but came to love it and kept struggling to eat/drink the other flavours/soups so thought I'd try all choc this time!!!!!*!

rainbow brite

Not a problem hun, good luck :)
i did LL 1 week prior to LT and thought the soup was nicer but generally the same without seeing a councillor, thats just not me I pay £48 as a man but as far as I can see it vary's from £32 to £55 m/f.
Here in sunny Hampshire it's £36.

Good luck with LT.



Getting closer everyday
its £36.00 in Warrington near manchester.


Gold Member
If you live anywhere near Salford there is a weight clinic where it is £21.00 per week however I live in Manchester and my GP is being very sniffy about it.

More questions ...whats SS or SSing mean ?

How do you put photos up and sparkly names things ?
love n stuff J
IMac, SS is sole source - in other words, total food replacement (tfr)

Sarah, whereabouts in Berkshire is it only £27?


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