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Thinking of changing from LT to CD

Hi All,

I'm thinking of changing form LT to CD as I'm finding really hard to stick to it..

Where do u get your meal replacements from each week? Is it the chemist like LT?

Do you still go into ketosis?

What are the losses like? (i.e its supposed to be a stone a month on LT)

Any info would be gr8!!

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Team 1 all the way!
Do it. I did and it's the best thing I've done.
It's exactly the same as LT, but you have way more choice in flavours and products. You still get in to ketosis, and you have a counsellor, who all work in different ways. My counsellor works from home and I go to her house to weigh and pick up my packs.
Some do classes like Weight watchers and others come to your house.
Weight loss is just like LT.
Go for it- the shakes/bars/porridge are SO much better than LT.
Good luck!
Hi Foo as you live in South Wales you can check in CD website if there is a Councillor near your place ,We don't get our pack from the chemist only from CDC and the loss are exactly like LT as you can see my Week 1 and you can be on ketosis too hun, You are welcome lol and it up to you if you really want to leave LT
I've just been looking at the website and I think I'm going to move over...The choice is much better plus there is a CDC in the same town (at the moment I travel 15-20 miles to the chemist).

Thai Chilli - hope you dont mind me asking but where in South Wales to you live/go to the CDC?
Update - Just had a call back from CDC and I'm meeting with them Sunday.. So I'm going to have a break until sunday - then start fresh with CD.


Team 1 all the way!
Good luck! Try to eat suitable foods and keep yourself in ketosis as it will help the transition.
Helen x
I live in Reading hun that South East of England not in Wales,anyway good luck on Sunday hope you will have a good start.
Thanks guys!!

Thai Chilli - I miss read your 1st message (oops)..

Let you all know how I get on next week...
I did what you're about to. I went straight from LT to CD as I found the chemist great but his assistant of the "eat less and exercise" school of thought. The pluses are as mentioned:
great flavours/ choices
great counselling /support
and like you very convenient
the choc bars and porridge are yummy

however i will just mention a couple of fairly minor down side points. It is slightly more expensive for than LT but this does vary from counsellor to counsellor eg I pay 1.80 per pack but a friend in B'ham pays between 1.65 and 2.00, for 3 packs its 37.80 compared to 32.00 for LT.
And I cheat much more on CD as there is more choice and types of diets so its not as restrictive as LT !!! So retrospectivly I was more sucessful on LT but less happy with the support and product wheras now I'm still on the diet ( debateable !!!) but my weight loss has ground to a halt because of numerous distractions. That said I would have probably dropped out of the LT and regained the weight.

So good luck in which ever one you do. Hope this helps feel free to pm if you want more info

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