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thinking of changing my target weight......


Staying on plan!
............. upwards not downwards!

as you can see by my signature, as of today i have lost 8 and half stone, with 1 stone 1lb still to go.
and this morning the plan was to do one more week of ss+ then, as i'm joining the gym, go up to the 1000 and start working up through the maintenance plans.
i went shopping this afternoon, and caught sight of myself in the full changing room mirror, while trying on some new underwear, and i dont think i want to lose very much more!
i still plan on joining the gym to tighten up and tone, particularly as the last stone-ish had really left me with some crinkly skin in places.
now i know that doing gym workouts could cause me to lose a little bit more weight, so my question is...

what plan should i be on???
anyone got any good ideas?

also, as i'm applying to be a cdc, is there any consequences of not reaching my goal?
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Hi there - don't know about the rules for being a CDC.

You are 12 stone 3 pounds now? According to the BMI calculator you are 27.09. A healthy weight is between 20.7 and 27.8 so I guess you are on the edge of being overweight. I understand what you mean about looking slim enough. If you are happy at the size you are now perhaps you need to maintain for a while. You will probably loose more when you start at the gym too.

Also the weight targets don't take age into consideration - it's a case of one size doesn't always suit all!

Good Luck with whatever you decide



Staying on plan!
thanks hun....

i've never had any desire to be a size 8 or 10, and i'm nw getting into the 12's, and you're right about the age thing i think too....
dont wanna end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb! lol


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I think that size 14 is a good healthy looking size for 5'7". Perhaps we should be aiming for a size rather than a weight. I know that if I get below 12 I will look too thin my daughter who is the same height as me is under 11 stone and looks fantastic - difference?? She is 30 and I am 54


Staying on plan!
well i just had a chat with my friend who started canbridge last week, and got her to do an honest opinion, and she says that if i lose another stone, and tone up, i will look far too thin.
she reckons i look an 10/12 now!
so i guess i'm gonna jump right up the plans so its not too much of a shock to my system and work on the toning instead of the losing!


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Good for you! After losing so much weight so quickly it might be the best idea to test drive yourself at your present weight for a while - you know what to do if you decide to lose a little bit more!

Good Luck X


Staying on plan!
any cdc's around to comment?
would like to know if this will affect my cdc application??
I'm not a CDC..... far from it. Just finishing day 7, but really just wanted to say how well you've done. I know you don't need me to tell you..... but I wanted to. Well done. Its people like you who inspire people like me, so thank you x
Your achievment is outstanding. I totally agree that aiming for a dress size rather than a weight is better. If you like the look of you now then start with the exercising and tone up. As you said you don't want to end up looking too thin.

Regarding not reaching goal I can't imagine that you would not be accepted as a CDC. You are a wonderful walking advert for the diet already on what you've done thus far.

As we don't state a target when we start and sign that we absolutly WILL reach it I can't imagine not losing that last stone will be held against you. Obviously I am speaking with no authority at all.

Bec x x x


Staying on plan!
thanks for your comments guys....
am feeling much better about my decision today, think it was a bit scary yesterday lol


Trying very hard!
I think I am aiming for a size rather than a weight, I would like to be a size 12-14 but I dont know how much I need to weigh to be that size.
I am trying to leave it open for now so I can see when I get there.


Staying on plan!
i always aimed for a size 14, but then got so pleased i'd made it, i carried on! lol

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