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Thinking of changing skincare range...what do you use?

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Hello lovelies,

I'm fast approaching 30 and although my skin is in pretty good condition, bar the odd spot occassionally, I don't think my current skincare range is working for me as well as it used too!

I don't mind spending on skincare, I currently use Philosophy and have in the past used Elemis and Liz Earle but I just wanted to see what you all use to get some ideas xxx
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I am much older than you, so any advice I can give would be 30 years too early.

But one tip - if you are thinking of trying something that is a bit pricey, try to get some samples from the beauty counters. Go in when they are not too busy, say you are thinking of changing to their products, and do they have any advice and samples.

Also, it is usually possible to buy samples or "gift with purchase" size pots of face creams from eBay. I have done this - bought a small pot of something fairly expensive for a few pounds. Enough to last for a few days - and enough to let me know that it didn't suit me at all and so the small amount I spent on eBay potentially saved me a lot of money!


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I use Avon, I have done for years, it's a lot different now than it was years ago, plus it's delivered to my door....


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Dermologica, Molton Brown and Clarins are all very good.

I use face wipes when i am rushing, but love to CT&M when i have more time! :D

Dermologica is the best I've used x


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I use the cream from Aldi, I think they've just changed the name to Lacura, it was called Siana. Tested and clinically proved to be just as good as creams far more expensive! (google it) It's £1.99 a jar! :p
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I use Avon, I have done for years, it's a lot different now than it was years ago, plus it's delivered to my door....
As an Avon lady, Donnie-thank you !!:D


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I love Liz Earle, but am currently using an organic cream cleanser by Akin (similar to her Cleanse and Polish). I try to stay with organic and natural products where I can.


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I'm a Liz Earle girl as well. Every now and then I am tempted to stray to something else but I always come back.
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My daughter sells Avon & I must admit their Anew range is brilliant. Especially the serum (in the red container) my sister noticed my wrinkles (not that I have many) didn't look as bad & I was thinking the same about hers we both use the same product.

Try it & if you don't like it you can return it within 90 days.


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I use the oil and grease control Asda face care range, for some reason my very dry skin breaks out badly with anything else!
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i bought this in November, i bought the limited edition dr.weil pack after having an indepth consultant with one of the girls on the stand in my john lewis (they also in house of faser) the pack cost me £70 for the 4 basics..

and im not even half way through it yet.. i use it every single day .. ( i also bought the pack for £30 on boxing day in the sale.. so thats on stand by to use when i finally finish it all..

its amazing, i have bad ecxma and it flares up so bad the skin around my eyes crack.. so painful and makes me really upset about how i look.

This stuff makes my skin glow, it has done wonders for my mum who is 50 next month, and my best friend who is 25. Honestly, its amazing.

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it was my 30's at that the begining of the month and my mum made me a basket with smellys and that had nivea nite cream and that smellys lovely and makes my skin feel so soft. i also have dove fountation for the day

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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I love Liz Earle, but am currently using an organic cream cleanser by Akin (similar to her Cleanse and Polish). I try to stay with organic and natural products where I can.
I've seen this too and quite fancy trying it, but there are so many different ranges to choose from! Thanks for posting x


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I trained as a health and beauty therapist, many of the ranges out there are very similar its just a matter of finding one that suits your skin, expensive ranges arnt necesserily the best.
personally i use boots own range.
I dont use C,T & M.
I use face wipes morning and night. A light moisturiser for day time.
An eye serum and night moisturiser each night. and once a week i use a facial exfoliator and a facial mask.
If i had the money i would definately treat myself to a facial once a month. I am 35 x


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I can honestly say, that I have tried so many ranges and I am only truly impressed with the magnificent....


Bit by bit, I have replaced all of my products (skincare, facial and body scrubs, make-up (especially their foundation)) with the No.7 version. I am obsessed and it is all I ever want for Christmas, Birthdays etc. The new serum has removed all trace of my eye wrinkles woo hoo!!

I used to use the very expensive but very highly praised Creme de la Mer (almost £90 for a pot of moisturiser :eek:), but I think that No.7 is so good, I won't even bother trying another range ever again. I have combination skin, prone to spots on my chin, excema and rosacea and thanks to No.7, you wouldn't know it!!!

Oh, and I am a very youthfull looking 36! ;)
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I can recommend just rose water. I have used it all my life and i must have saved so much money.
Boots do a rosewater and glycerine. Here i just use plain rosewater which is used for cooking.
Think i might be lucky with my skin as i have never had problems with pimples .
I use Lush for most things - face masks every now and then, Ocean Salt exfoliator once/twice per week, Baby Face cleanser daily, Gorgeous moisturiser daily and Celestial moisturiser every night.

MAC do a more gentle exfoliator that I use if I need to buff off some dry patches, the Ocean Salt can be harsh so I don't use it too much.

I'm using an Origins toner (United State) at the moment because I like a little alcohol in it, it makes my face tingle and I like it, lol. I'm also using Philosophy cleanser at the moment, it might be called Purity?

I get compliments on my skin, so I must be doing something right. But I'm lucky enough to have not suffered with spots.

But out of all of this, if I had to recommend ONE product it would be Gorgeous moisturiser from Lush. I have used it for 15 months now and won't buy another moisturiser ever again (unless Mark stops making it, but I sure hope not!). It's the only day time moisturiser I have ever repeat purchased. There aren't enough positive words to describe it. Linky >> Gorgeous


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Im now a Dermalogica girl after years of trying different brands and stuff. It lasts for ages and you only need to use a small amount of product for the job, it really is cost effective when you work out the usage you get for the price.

I've tried Clarins, Lancome and Chanel in the past and i can safely say that Dermologica kicks ass on the product front.

I can recommend the following products:
Special Cleansing Gel
Daily Microfoliant
Age smart multivitamin eye and lip
Active Most
Multivitamin Masque
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I used to be a Lush girl, but their quality is so inconsistent now that I wouldn't want to waste my money on yet another bad batch :(

I was using Avon until quite recently, but the range I was using had started to give me quite bad spots! I do love Avon tho, most of their products are just fantastic.

I now use the odd bit of Boots own and Simple, but I'm pretty much moved over to The Body Shop's seaweed range for combination skin. It hasn't stopped me from getting spots, but it has dramatically reduced the amount and severity of them :eek: It has made my skin look and feel fantastic tho!!

I agree that it is a case of finding what works for you and also get a couple of weeks worth of samples of a range before you splash out on full size products. Lush and The Body Shop will give you samples of whatever you want :D And an Avon rep should be able to supply you with samples (my Sis is an Avon rep, but she's mean and makes me pay for my own samples!!). Not sure about other places, but definitely worth mentioning that you're looking for a new skin care range and what type of products you're interested in :D

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
S: 16st7lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st10lb(4.33%)
Thank you lovelies for all your replies - I think I may try A'Kin for my next buy as I really like the company ethics, but I will keep having a look around xx

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