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Thinking of defecting from LT to Cambridge - comments please?

I'm finding LT really difficult at the minute as one of the staff at the chemist shop has been "trained up" so she now weighs you but I went last week (having only lost 2 lbs but 8lbs the week before) and she said "thats not much, have you tried to cut down on your food a bit and do some exercise".

I know i've been a saint and its TTOM but i was damned if I'd tell her. She was around my age and very nice but it felt really patronising

I've looked at a chemist in North Manchester but its too much of an effort to get to so I'm thinking about trying the Cambridge diet instead. 've noticed a number of people have done that. Any coments ?

Cheers Julie
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is loving the soup?!
I think you should do whatever you want, but honestly, I would phone or pop in and have a quiet word with the pharmacist about how this lady behaved.
It won't just be you she is putting down with her clear lack of (a) understanding of weight loss (b) understanding of LT (c) understanding of how not to put her foot in her mouth. If the pharmacist is training her, they'll be able to address it sensitively.

As to the diet, instead of letting her affect you, I would choose which diet you want to do, and which you think will make it easiest to carry on with your great success.
I've since phoned a CD counsellor who lost a ton of weight so I actually think she will understand a lot more than the chemist does. They also offer a very low diet similar to LT but tasting nicer.

I'm called in this morning to get weighed and it was a different person weighing who told me she was getting trained. Anyway today i lost 4 lbs but didn't feel at all encouraged by either of them - it could just be me as i'm feeling quite low. I looked out for the regular guy but he was busy.


is loving the soup?!
Well done on this morning! Yeah, if you want to change, change.
Whispers: *I've heard they have chocolate bars over there!!!*


Peace Love Happiness
I just changed yesterday Julie and I would recommend it, better tasting don't have to put up with chemist staff - the one I went to used to shout it around to her colleagues!, and the pharmacist was just in it for the cash. CDC is much better has lost the weight, maintained and I get to have a chat in privacy.


Crawling to the finish!
hey I switched from LT to CD for a week cause I was bored of flavours, I had a gorgeous bar covered in chokky every day but it was the lowest loss that Id had that week, so I switched back to LT. Also I was alot more hungry on the bars than the shakes, hope that helps xx
good luck in wat you decide to do hun but i would complain and if you are happy with lt stick to it hun xxxx
i've just had a look on the cambridge diet website - you got me thinking. more flavours? apparently nice soups? CHOCOLATE bars??

but looking around their site i started to feel fiercely loyal to lipotrim! why change what we know works? I just thinking adding all those different flavours and nice chocolate bars must slow ur weight loss down to an extent? surely?


is loving the soup?!
To me, it's a matter of liking LT because it actually takes the choice out of it. It takes away the stress. I'm a food addict - I can see myself overeating on the Cambridge bars.


I will do this!!!
The only LT shake i can get down is the chocolate one and im SOOOOOO bored but iv started this change on LT and im going to finish it on LT. Iv been amazed with my weight loss so far and id be so scared of going onto a different diet incase it didnt work as well as LT. I think only you know how you feel and whats best for you :)
Hi guys

as a CD dieter curiously reading your thread just thought I'd add that the choccy bars are ace, and whilst they have slightly higher carb content, they don't affect most peoples weight loss, and if it does it would only slow it by 1/2 pounds a month. Either way the average monthly loss is a stone.

I can't comment on LT as have never done it but CD flavours are brilliant, there's handy shakes in cartons (tetras) which I take to work AND they have just released a porridge.
hey hun, id try and have a word with the chemist. if you can handle the LT shakes and thats not the trouble why the hell should you change because of a cow that works there! Im on cd i only have the tetra dont have the bars there not that nice :(


I will do this!!!
My sister in law is on CD and the cartons are really handy but i find making up the shakes in a shaker easy too. If it aint broken why fix it! Its all about the individual and what makes them happy


Peace Love Happiness
i've just had a look on the cambridge diet website - you got me thinking. more flavours? apparently nice soups? CHOCOLATE bars??

but looking around their site i started to feel fiercely loyal to lipotrim! why change what we know works? I just thinking adding all those different flavours and nice chocolate bars must slow ur weight loss down to an extent? surely?
I hope it doesn't slow down, I was sooo bored and forcing myself to drink the chocolate shake and the powdery texture was making me feel sick, I'm going to give it a month, if it's about 14lbs then I'm happy.
I would ignore the staff and just concentrate on what you are doing yourself. If you know you are following strictly then you know you will lose weight. I get motivation from my losses, not the staff.

That being said if you think you can cope with the choice (which I couldn't) then why not give it a try.

Whatever you decide let us know, and you are doing really well x
CD is just so much nicer than LT...I miss CD so much! But im sticking with LT for the time being.

As for there being 'too' much choice...it doesnt work out that way. I always had the strawberry shakes, the fruits of the forest shakes, the banana shakes (divine) and the cranberry bars (so scrummy)

The CD bars can knock people who are very sensitive to carbs out of ketosis but that is very rare.

I think its a great diet and the better the shakes taste, the less you'll crave food and the more satisfied you will be.

And you lose exactly the same amount as LT.

Go for it. I wish I could.
After posting we had a family crisis - daughter at camp needed to be brought home (she has seizures) but now i'm back (more importantly so is she !!)

You are all stars.
Thank you so so much ,I share the fear of having too much choice but actually welcome the opportunity to be weighed by someone who has experienced weight issues - and dealt with them.

I really don't think I would have followed this diet if it weren't for the tremendous support and inspiring people on this site.

I have 9 days LT left so it gives me a full week to decide what to do.

Thanks again and hugs to all



Says it as it is!!!
I did both LT and CD ( then back to LT) the reason i changed was i couldnt take the lt shakes anymore and wanted savory flavours. Weight loss is the same. The bars are only available after established ketosis ( normally 3 weeks ish, same as LT flap jacks) The flavours are great. I only changed back to LT to finish, because, when you get to a bmi of 25 you have to start introducing food and i wasnt ready to do that, so i switch just before i was at 25 then finshed my journey on LT.
I found CD easier (although never waned the bars...tried to stay away from sweet tastes as i had a sweet tooth ...that got me here in the first place) there are soooo many soups and flavours you can have a varied diet and enjoy it
Good luck with what ever you decide... i would say go for it ... if you find it doesn't suit you can always change back!


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This has got me thinking now! One thing that gets my goat with LT is the cost of it all. When i was in the pharmacy last week the chemist left her clipboard with the costings of LT. Now it costs them £24 for a weeks male supply yet they charge me £48, it really annoyed me in truth. And i have to travel nearly 40 miles for it too!

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