thinking of doing lipotrim


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hi all i ahve twice signed up for lipotrim at my local chemist and both times havent made it to the first weigh really desperate to lose weight and just one of these ppl who wants to lose it as quick as poss then worry but keeping it off. that is the only thing i really worry about is it really possible to keep the weight off after.another thing i was wondering is it possible to buy lipotrim direct as i really hate the idea of going and getting i said ive been twice before and they will still have me on the books.please any help or advice would be great.i was thinking of doin ww but while im paying out money for that i thought i could be doin lipotrim and losing this weight alot faster.cheers all doin so well xxx
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You should look into Exante its purchased over the net and cheaper than lipotrim and its much tastier and no chemist weigh ins. Hope this helps


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well there isn't a direct way of buying LT legally without going through the pharmacies or a doctor. Unless you want to get it from dodgy online resellers which is highly UNRECOMMENDED.
If you feel that you are not the type that can stick to a 100% no food, then LT isn't for you, however I can tell you that if you stick to it consistently, you will keep on losing weight. I am lost around 0.4-0.6kg every single day and am currently 68kg. It does work and yes you can maintain it if you just stick to a low carb diet and some amounts of exercise after. Do give it a go if you think you can make it. Otherwise there are a lotta diets out there that let you eat while trying to lose weight. LT is a bit difficult especially the first week or two when you will get so so hungry, however as time passes, I find that LT becomes a drag to even take because I am not even hungry at all. You will come to that stage if you do decide to pursue it.
Yes LT works, YES you can get fast results, but also YES it IS difficult, I'm not going to lie to you about it.