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  1. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Hi, I am currently doing the Exante VLCD and am thinking about switching to CD in a few weeks, when I have run out of packs. I am having good losses on Exante and wondered what the average monthly weight loss is on SS+?

    CD appeals to me as I keep reading about porridge, which would be heaven. Also I like the idea of skimmed milk for tea, as I really miss tea.

    How many porridge meals can you have a day? Also what are the soups like on CD? The Exante products are really good and the soups are great, so wondered what CD flavours were good.

    Any help you can offer would great.
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  3. melissa85

    melissa85 Full Member

    hey sarah,

    well done those are fantastic losses.

    CD is gr8 but i generally dont like the soups i think the shakes are brilliant though and the mix a mousse turns them into a nice dessert, everyone has there own tastes though some love soups some dont. the more weight you have to lose the quicker it will come off i would say the average would be 5lbs a week but could well be more. hope this helps xx

    p.s you have to try the choc mint shake its pure heaven

  4. biltsy

    biltsy Peggy McParrot

    I've been doing ss+ for two weeks, you can see my losses below..... i sometimes do 4 shakes or 3 and a green & white meal, depends on the day really. I like the soups and shakes and loove the porridges ( 2 flavs) hope this helps
    good luck with whichever you decide
  5. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Thanks for the replies ladies. Having done lots of looking around the CD threads, it seems that the products have really mixed reviews. I think I will stick with Exante for now (as I really like their products) and maybe give the Protikee porridge a go and just take out one of my shakes a day.

    Thanks again.

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