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Thinking of doing ww pls help...

Need your age, weight and height - guessing you're female yeah? x
Sorry hon... I'm getting 29pp as your daily amount and then your 49 weekly points too! So you're on same amount as me, minimum pp lol. X

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I'd hazard a guess at 29pp plus 49 weekly hon because you're shorter than me and weigh less.

Just checked... 29pp and 49 lol, good guess! X

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thanks for your help,i did a calculation earlier on and it said i should eat 20pp per day!!!!!!!so was really confused,thought that was too low..xx
Ah no!! 29 is the minimum hon so that'll never get any lower now, hope that helps! X

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shelleyzeus said:
why does it now go lower? Im sure ive seen some one on 25pp :confused: is it like that with everyone or does that go on your age,weight,height?
Just wouldn't be healthy to go any lower hon... I'm pretty sure that 29pp is the minimum for females, males are different... If you were really tall it'd prob be more than 29 as your minimum? Maaaybe someone else knows better though? I know I've been on 29pp from the start and I hope it doesn't go lower now lol...

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hi so if your on 29 points, why do you have 49 aswell,an do you have to spread them over the week or do you have to have them if u go out or something xx
Everyone has the 49 weekly points no matter what daily points they're on. You don't _have_ to use them. You can do what you like with them. Have a meal out at weekend or some drinks or just spread em over the week so you can eat more each day (I did that this week and lost 2lb). Hope that helps. X

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If you have an iPhone you could download the iWatchr app. Use the European new part of the calculator to work out pro points from the nutritional value on the packet. You can save your favourites and log daily points use on it.

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