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thinking of giving up

im thinking of giving up cd :(

ive only been doing it 6 weeks but have been sick 4 times and again today, i dont no why but im not ill with it just end up with a bad back and vomiting. i first had it 2 weeks in to my diet and then every week since it doesnt even last long just the night normally which isnt to bad but the pain in my back and chest is awful.
i really dont no what to do as i love the results im getting.

any ideas would be fab xx
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So sorry to here about your problem hun! Have you spoke. To your consultant about it? Maybe it would be worth trying a higher plan for a couple of weeks to see if that makes a difference? X
Have you spoke to your DR...there are a few things it could be that would require medical diagnosis, gall stone and kidney stones being 2 that I know can present with back pain and vomiting. Gallstones are also quiet common in overweight people and people losing weight fast. I'd speak to your GP
thanks both xx

just been reading about gallstones and if i had to diagnos myself thats what id say id got :( will give the drs a ring in the morning and see what they say. will update tomorrow

if i do have gallstones am i able to carry on with cd as i really dont want to give it up just yet.
I really don't know the answer to that one...I'm a calorie counter lol but i'm sure someone will know. Do let your Dr know you have been doing cambridge and ask them. If you're lucky your Dr will know a little about it and be able to advise although many Dr's look down their noses at TFRs so don't be surprised it you get hands thrown in the air and an eye roll!

Good luck


please try again
could be reflux. i have acid relfux normally anyway but its worse when im on cambridge, some nights the pains awful and i cant hold my shakes down. im on omperazole from my gp so it keeps my acid levels down and my symptoms disappear
hey , i have had gallstones and it sounds a llittle like the symtoms I had , although its very unusual for an attack to happen whilst on a plan like cambridge as its usually something fatty that triggers an attack , were you being 100% at the time ??
If it is gallstones then my consultant actually told me it was best for me to stay on CD until I had my op to remove my gall bladder , but you need to see your Dr to get a definate diagnosis .. I hope you find out whats wrong and get it sorted x
Thanks all for the replies much appreciated

Determinator in answer to your question about being on plan 100% yes I have since the day I started until Xmas day. I had the last episode on Xmas eve and then tonight,it's really strange as soon as I've been sick I'm fine again plus it only seems to happen in an evening. I so hope it's nit gallstones as I don't fancy an op or time off work

Thanks again Jenny xx
Mite sound strange to ask but....Not pregnant are you? I had backache, afternoon sickness, refulx but it came and went. Not chest pains tho?
Hope you find out what it is soon x
I had gallstones because of a bad diet prior to starting cd, had gallbladder removed, was in severe pain and after op I was fine. Wanted to start cd then but my CDC said I had to wait I think 3 months after op to start. Hope you get it sorted hon, tell em to give you a ultrasound and find out, the pain is horrible and I'm so glad I had the op! Hugs x
am glad you feeling better hun, like everyone else on here i had my gallbladder removed and felt fine after was, it is not a pain you can painkillers for either so know how u feel, nothing seems to take the pain away. will say one thing though i actually took my own urine in to the docs the day of my appointment and was diadnosed straight away just by him looking at the colour, and when they did the test, they confirmed it. just an idea.xx

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