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thinking of going it alone for a while


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Hiya hun. I follow the plan from home, using the starter pack and this website for support. It is definitely possible (I've lost 2 stone 8lb in 14 weeks), but you need to discipline yourself with weighing in i.e. make sure that you do weigh yourself, even if you know you've had a bad week :) I'm sure you would anyway, but that's my biggest tip! Everybody's really supportive on here, and there's so many ideas for recipes etc, so it's easily possible to succeed! xxx


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yes it can work !! ive been doing it at home , with the help of this place and my books ,
i have scales at home and am on a tight budget whilst waiting for my spinal fusion op in sept
ive lost 7lbs so far in 3 weeks ,
my 4th wi tommorow !!
I stopped gong to the meetings due to life getting in the way, not being able to stay so was paying £5 to weigh and go and wasn't really loosing. Money was getting tight so I decided to stop going.
Since stopping at beginning of June I have put on 7lbs!! However I've had other stuff going on and a couple of weekends away so I may have put on if I'd carried on going to group!!
I am now back on track and determined to try for a couple of weeks on my own. If it doesn't work then maybe I will have to try group again.
So I think it can be done if you are strict with yourself. Have you got a diary on here? I started one and it has helped, a couple of people pop on and give me hugs/slaps as needed!!

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I would recommend that you still write everything down and plan Hun. Its far to easy to just say "stuff it" as there is no pending threat of a scales and you dont have the go every week!
I lost 6.5 stones on my own before going to class. It can be done!



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If your in 'the zone' and have got the right attitude and disicpline then its definatley possible!!

I go to class purely because I need to be accountable to someone for my weight loss or I would go off track totally and also for the social aspect as I help out at class and enjoy it.

There are loads of poeple on here who are doing SW from home and are very successful and we are all here to help/advise and to moan at!

Good luck! xx


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I think it boils down to personality. Personally I know I can't go it alone- I need to attend class, stay to class, get as involved as possible in class to stay on track and stay focussed! But that's just me! I know from spending time on Minimins that lots of people are successful in doing it alone! Infact purely investing some time on Minimins and chatting to the lovely people here is a great source of support and motivation! I need both!! Sometimes life gets in the way of being able to invest time and money into attending a class so I say give it a go and try and get a good half hour per day on here and use it to your full advantage!! Perhaps join some 'teams' and 'challenges', set your own minigoals, get the kids involved in making some sparkly stickers to award you when you've hit your half-stone milestones!! If you want it enough, you'll make a success of it!!XXX
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wow Thankyou everybody I will start making a diary and I will do this im fed up of feeling frumpy and dreaming of this and just do it ive had a great week and felt great knowing that im going to be losing weight after so long of feeling un confident thankyou all


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I posted this on a similar thread back in June and I thought I'd add it here (sorry for quoting myself lol!):

I think what is essential to remember is that the actual SW eating plan is the same whether you follow online, at home alone, go to class and stay, go to class and go home. And it works - if you stick to it! ;)
So the decision as to how you go about it is down to you personally, and the sort of support or structure you need. It has to fit in with your life, and finances, not the other way round.

There is no right or wrong way - just what suits you the best.

Good luck with whatever you decide :) xx

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