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Thinking of having a few red days

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Dokusho_yoku, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Dokusho_yoku

    Dokusho_yoku Full Member

    Hi everyone

    I'm after a bit of advice. I'm thinking about giving the red plan a try for a week to see if I can become more organised. Does anyone do just red days what do you think about them? Is it worth trying? I'm going to have a look through my book when I get home to try and understand it a bit better.

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  3. slimLolly

    slimLolly Full Member

    Funny, I just posted in my diary today that I'm thinking of using red days through the week. I've found I miss having a second portion of HEB grains (don't want to waste 6 syns on them though!) but I'm not that bothered about having to restrict carbs/pulses which seems to be the main difference from EE. I don't tend to eat many carbs through the week anyway apart from the odd jacket potato which I could easily do without. So red days are making a lot of sense to me.

    Will be subscribing to see some opinions from red followers.
  4. Barbette

    Barbette Gold Member

    I do a mix of red and green but I find I get better loses on red, couldn't do them every day as I would miss my carbs so I usually alternate them on the weeks I do red and greens together. I tend to use one on HEB's on potatoes or beans/pulses/nuts/dried fruit though as I'm trying to cut down on the grains. I find them easy it's just a matter of learning the plan, there are more choices for the HEB's which come in handy if you do like something starchy with your meals. I'd say if you were to do them try doing a few days a week first rather than going for a full week, good luck x
  5. shezam

    shezam Silver Member

    i'm the exact same, decided last night going to give red days a chance as my weekend has been horrendous. So today I had 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice of wholemeal bread from 800g bag (Heb) 1 tsp utterly butterly (1 syn).

    For lunch i'm having red pepper and butternut squash soup.

    For dinner i'm having gammon steak with green beans, brocolli & 150grams baked beans (heb).

    Snackin on fruit throughout the day, trying to have little syns as possible because the weekend is going to be quite high synned. Looking forward to following this thread though :)
  6. sue_eadie

    sue_eadie Full Member

    I'll be doing mostly red days due to being diabetic and having to limit the amount of carbs that I eat.

    Today I am having:
    Breakfast - bacon and eggs

    Snack - ham rollups made with laughing cow light (1/2 HEA)

    Lunch - Aldi Hunters stewed steak (4 syns for the whole tin) with 100g new potatoes (1/2 HEB)and green beans

    Snack - activia 0% yogurt

    Dinner - pork chops with 100g new potatoes (other 1/2 of HEB) and veg

    Semi skimmed milk (HEA) for my teas

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