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Thinking of jacking it all in


Proud to be a Loser!
Right now I'm crying my eyes out, I'm totally frustrated and I just want to give up.

The last week I've become more and more unhappy being on CD, it has been the hardest time for me yet. The urge to eat things (other than my 150 cal meal) has become too much to bear.

I know scale hopping is not a good idea, but I just stepped on the scales and I've put on a pound and a half since my weigh in nearly a week ago. I have stuck to the diet to the letter and still this is happening.

I have had some success on CD but now I feel like I just can't do it anymore. It's making me so miserable.

Please someone tell me what to do.
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Babe, no one can tell you what to do but your successes are AMAZING and a pound and a half on is nothing compared to 85lbs lost!
Why don't you give yourself a break, have an early night and then decide tomorrow what you want to do? No one will judge you for stopping CD, because it is bloody hard, but do it in a calm frame of mind.
Take care x


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I second that. Don't make any rash decisions hon, you've done so well and are an inspiration to me. This is a bloody hard diet to stick to and some days its feels like we have mountains to climb on this journey, but its all about the baby steps you take along that journey that make the journey worth while. You can do this honey, take some time, have a nice soak in the bath and relax xx


Winning a losing battle!
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Hey Hannah

I know exactly how you are feeling, I'm going through the same thing at the moment!

Maybe it's worth moving up a step for a week or 2 just to give you a bit of variety and then seeing how you feel?

I'm certainly going to be speaking to my cdc about moving up to 810 this week before I do something stupid - I am ready to raid the fridge at the moment!

Look how far you've come, it would be such a shame to get that far and not move up the steps to maintenance - take it from someone who knows! I lost 60lbs on CD in 2007 and just gave up, I then went on to put everything back on again - please don't make the same mistake!

Serena A

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Hannah, don't give up honey... you have come so far and done so well! Hang on in there. It's hard, horrible sometimes, but it DOES work. Please don't lose faith. Big hugs...



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Big hugs Hannah ..
Dont give up hon . your doing so unbelievabley well..... you have lost so much and your probably just having a bad day..
hang in there........ xx
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Hey Hannah, try to have a sleep honey as things often seem much worse when we're tired.. If you still feel the same in the morning why don't you consider moving up the plans to maybe 810 for a week or two to add a bit of variety and then once you're feeling more positive and in a better frame of mind think about how you feel going back down?? Your losses are spectacular so far, you should be so proud of yourself! Big hug x


Proud to be a Loser!
Thanks for all the support guys, it really did help.

I'm feeling much better about the whole thing now, went to my CDC today and it turns out I'd lost another 4 pounds :) Just taking everything one day at a time xx


Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Aw Hannah... that's fab! Your pesky scales are like mine, they do random weird things of their own... take whatever they say in future with a huge pinch of salt. OK, salt not allowed on CD... a large pinch of cinnamon?!!! Lol. Your new avatar pic is fab! Go you!

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4lbs is fantastic and you have done so so well. We all get the down days especially when we are on it long term adn you did the right thing coming on here.

you keep it up and like you say just take it day by day x


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Hi Hannah, glad your feeling better about things. Well done on your 4lb loss and well done on your amazing loss so far! You have done brilliantly. x


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Well done hannah ............. your doing fab!! I am pleased you kept your chin up and stuck with it!! Go girl !!! your doing great ! xx


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Keep going Hannah! You can do it babe, this is for you so don't feel defeated xx


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Just wanted to say a huge well done - and throw out those scales!

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