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Thinking of joining but not sure it will work

Hi there,
I have been trying to diet for ages and have been counting calories but I know that this may restrict my weight loss cause I'm not eating enough.

I am thinking of joining slimming world but I don't want to spend a fortune on foods. I am also diabetic so I don't like to eat too many carbs so I 'try' to stay away from potatoes, pasta, rice and bread.

Taking this into account, do you think that SW will be ok? I did that plan a good few years ago when it was originally red and green days and I know it has changed quite a bit since then.


L x
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Slimming World have plans tailor made fore all sorts of conditions, including diabetes.

You don't have to spend a fortune on 'special' foods.

I'd say join, without hesitation.
Hi L! Well you will never know if you don't try it :)

There are some slimming world products that you can buy but you don't have to use them at all. Everything can be made from real food, you can shop around and get good deals. Speed foods such as vegetables are encouraged and can be used to bulk out more expensive food products such as an a casserole. You would add a small amount of meat to a lot of veggies and that would make it cost effective. Making bulk soups and freezing portions is good, especially if you can buy veggies reduced in the supermarkets. Once cooked and frozen they are fine.

You don't have to eat any bread, pasta or potatoes if you don't want to. There is so much choice of free foods and healthy extras that you can not eat certain things and still have lots to chose from.


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Hiya hun. Slimming world definitely works! You don't have to follow the new EE plan if you don't want to. If green/red days worked for you you could still follow those plans xx
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Sw most def works.

Give it a go and best of luck xxxx


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The great thing with slimming world is that you don't feel restricted, you can have anything you want, in moderation, and you don't have to go hungry you are free to snack on a wide variety, plus meals are often HUGE. When calorie counting I felt quite restricted and struggling to lose weight but with SW I lost 6 stone, put half back on in 18 months due to illness and now I am back to get rid of itagain because I know it works.
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Agree with all of the above and cant emphasise enough that yes SW have they own products you can buy but majority is fresh food. If you decide to follow SW, try Aldi as they fruit & veg are cheap. Not sure about Lidl but assume will be the same.


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Hi Curlygirl, yes I think SW would still work for you. As far as I am aware you can ask your consultant to get a little booklet "dealing with diabetes" in addition to your welcome pack. As for keeping cost down, there is lots of good advice given here already. I also shop at Lidl and Aldi and in other shops I look for bargains. (I am a "yellow sticker hunter" :D:rolleyes:) Lots of food items that were reduced in price (meat etc.) can be froze.

Good Luck x
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Yes u can get the diabetes booklet and If u do join when you register online it as a section on there for diabetes too.

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