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Thinking of joining Lighterlife!


I am desparate to lose weight. I have put on loads yet again. Each time I put on I put on a stone more! My body feels out of control. I feel out of control. I'm tired all the time and I have no energy.:cry::tear_drop:

I am thinking of joining Lighterlife but am feeling a bit apprehensive as I don't know if I can survive not eating actual food. And I'm afraid I'm going to be hungry all the time! :confused: And I'm afraid of failing again.

My sister is on her 6th week now and she has done fantastic. She has said she hasn't felt hungry but she smokes, which must help in the hunger stakes.

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I've only ever done CD but the principle is the same i.e both diets work on the principle of ketosis which means the body burns fat for fuel instead of carbs so you get rapid results. The difference between CD and LL is that you get CBT counselling on LL (which is why it's more expensive).

When in ketosis, physical hunger goes - hard to believe but TRUE! If you can afford it and want fast results then I'd say go for it!


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yay netnet, join us, it will be the best decision you have ever made, trust all these great people on the same journey.

Hi NetNet

I've got to be honest and tell you that it's the best thing I've ever done - nothing has made me feel as good as this diet has made me feel. You really don't feel hungry as your body goes into ketosis and though you might occasionally long for something that soon passes ..... and the weight just falls off you!

Seriously have a good think about it, you'll not regret it if you sign up.
netnet, i did LL for 12 weeks and lost just under 4 stone. i thought that nothing would ever work for me but I gave it a try and it has changed my life. I'm now on Cambridge but I think the counselling and group work on LL definitely helped me at that initial stage where I felt such a failure. You've got your sisters support, why not give it a try...as they say on here...you have nothing to lose but weight!


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NetNet, I have to agree with everyone else, LL is the first diet which has ever worked for me. I'm like you, and had dieted for 30 years, each time getting bigger (!), before trying LL last August. A size 24 (see my gallery picture), I am now a size 12. This is a first for me, having never been one before.

It is a weird thing, NetNet, but it is true that after a few days doing LL, you WILL lose your appetite plus you get a 'feel good' feeling too. The CBT/TA counselling was crucial to helping me find strategies to cope when food was re-introduced. It was great to have the support of other people who were doing the programme.

Good luck!
Hiya NetNet

The diet works.....for everyone who sticks to it.......and is life changing............

Do it now!

Hi NetNet,

The thoughts you are currently having are exactly the same as the ones I had in June. You need to ask yourself are your reasons for hesitating genuine reasons or just excuses? I kept thinking "Can I do this while the kids are on holiday from school? What about when we go on holiday?" They are only obstacles if you make them that.
I started on LL on 25th July, I am almost halfway through the 100 days. I coped through the school holidays - I won't lie, sometimes it was tough, but the counselling does help you get through those bad times.
You've seen the results for yourself with your sister - why not try it when you are ready.
Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for all your support. I have an appointment with LL tomorrow night!

You've all done soooo well!
hi Netnet
I like you thought long and hard and finally started last week (day6 today). All I can say is I wish i had just given it a go. It is truly the easiest diet. It is so liberating not having to think about what to eat! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Give it your best shot and you will succeed - look at all the inspiring stories on here if you have any doubts.

Good Luck
Totally agree with everything that has been already said. I have been putting of this diet for years. I actually see it as my last attempt to be thinner. I dont want to be thin just a lot thinner than I am now. I really wish I had done it years ago. I am on week 5 and have lost 30 pounds there is no way i could of done that with any other diet., I know as I have tried them, If I think of the money I have wasted over the years. Yes it is hard at times and yes it is blooming exspensie no getting away from that. But I can honestly say it is worth the hardship and the money. I couldnt believe that people in my group gave up after the first week as they found it so hard. Didnt give it a proper try. If you do go ahead you have to be in the right frame of mind to do it. You really want to do it for yourself and you have to give it more than a week.

Let us know how you get on at your meeting., I wish I had found this forum before I started as it has been a huge help
Well, I've had my meeting tonight. I'm gonna do it! It may be hard but I've got to give it a go. All I've got to do is get my doctor's signature, which I've got an appointment booked for tomorrow. I can't see there would be any problems there. My Counsellor said that if 3 people do not confirm for next Tuesday then I could get on then, otherwise it'll be 4th October.

I think I'll be using this site alot!
hey little sis xx

you will and can do this along side me and minimims

Hey everyone! Sun is my big sis! And the big is as in age and not size! She's doing fabulously. So proud. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello again!

Doc says yes! I start next Tuesday :0)
Hey there NN - I gave up smoking last year and I must say I didn't miss smoking (in fact if anything I was even more repulsed by it) until I started management and I didn't feel real hunger until I got very close to my goal - total abstinence definitely does something to you - a lot of us LLers are ex-smokers or non-smokers and I wouldn't say that the smoking makes a difference - in fact some of the LL literature discourages smoking.
I gave up smoking about 18 years ago and would not go back to it.

You've all done sooooo well. Am well impressed.

Will definitely stay using this site :0)

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