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Thinking of joining ww - anyone doing the core plan?

Right, I have been refered by my doctors to ww but I didn't get on too well with the points plan before. I found it easy to cheat and needed more food!:rolleyes:

Anyway, I have been told about the core plan and apparently its a little similar to Slimming World?

Just wondered if anyone else is doing this one or any advice!! :)

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Well I would say that just trust that the plan works, don't try to keep a running total of points cos it works in a completely different way and enjoy the feeling of liberation as to not having to weigh and point everything.
It doesn't feel like you're on a diet at all and you will feel so much healthier staying of junk food( not saying that you eat it just because you are on points of course)
I have noticed that I don't feel bloated and am putting it down to having no bread, don't know that for sure but it's the only thing thats really changed.
As for meal plans, anything goes really, apart form ready made stuff.
Today, just to give you an example I had 2 weetabix and some strawberries for brekkie, 2 bolied eggs, low fat soft cheese on ryvita, strawberries and yogurt for lunch and chicken, jacket spud, salad and yogurt for dinner. Quite a boring food day really!
You can make lasagne, spag bol, chips, pasta dishes, paella, your imagination is the only thing stopping you.
And of course if you find it doesn't suit you, there's no harm done, just change back to points!
Hope that helps
L x


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I've stuck with the core plan this time, and like scoobydoobydoo says, I'm not as bloated. Last time I did weight watchers I tended to do the points plan if I knew I was going to have lots of nights out.

Also - for some bizzare reason I found the core plan easier to stick to on holiday (probably all the fish and salad!)

I was very like you with the points, I did get quite bad at it, because I could point and eat unhealthily, so I did!

hope that helps, good luck



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Hello! I've lost all my weight so far on Core and i'd defitely recommend it. I find that it's flexible and in 'most' situations I can find something to eat which allowed.

I think core is really great for a forever plan cos it's all based on eating healthily with occasional treats. I totally lost control when i tried points years ago. I just wasted my points on junk and it didn't teach me anything. Let me know if there's anything specific you wanna know...


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