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thinking of joining you .....


Happily pro pointing!
I remember you :wavey:
Don't just think about it, do it. You won't regret it.

costs the same as before £66 , but is going up slightly in the new year I believe, not sure by how much though, don't think it was a lot.
thanks for getting back ........ just need to get on that band wagon asap .been at slimming world since sept 1 and not lost a pound !! I like the taste of LL than cambridge ..... will seek out sachet lady and get on it !!


Releasing the goddess
LLC says it will be £70 from the new year x
thanks i wish it was about £ 50 not including counselling for us returners !!
HI there! Nice to see your lively avatar again! THat always did make me giggle!! :D

LL is the same with or without counseling. I think you have to have the weekly sessions, or they wont allow you to just buy packs and go, if thats what you were thinking?

There is LLL, which is slighlty less expensive, based on 3 packs a day and one meal as opposed to 4 packs a day. But you then have the expense of one meal a day on top of the class fee.

Good luck!


Releasing the goddess
Hi mustdoit, fyi - LLL is £49.50 per week, however you do have to pay for food on top of this coz it is 3 packs and a meal. However, with a bit of creativity you can tap into the families meal and customise to your needs.....good luck xx

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