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thinking of joining


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hi guys, wonder if you could help me im looking at doing WW as done Sw for some time but keep falling off the wagon so need a different challenge to try and get this horrible unwanted weight off.
ive tried to look on here how WW works worked out my points from the other posts but not sure how to work out what im allowed as in free points or what is bad points, is there anywhere on here that can give me a idea of what im looking to eat etc before i decide if its going to be for me or not

thanks in advance guys
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Hi, no bad foods on ww, anything allowed within your points, fruit is counted but low points, most veg is free except peas/sweetcorn/potatoes but are low in points, you can work out points by the info on the packet/box, you just need the cals & the saturated fat, if sat fat not on just half the fat content, heres a points calculator that may help you Weight Watchers POINTS® Calculator goodluck x


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the ww plan is a good one to follow, and the good thing is you don't have to go out and buy a whole cupboard full of new things...(you can if you want to of course) but you can start the diet using the food that you already have in, some things of course you should eat less of, but still, you can enjoy the foods you usually eat. The calculator that chipbutty added for you is fab. Good Luck
Hiya one tip alot of sw swappers to ww find it hard at first to metally change their plan as they have got used to the way they eat ,lots of free foods etc with slimming world where as ww you have to weigh and measure most things except some no pointed foods.
Also on ww we do learn that to feel full and not deprived how to eat the best healthy way and thats with low gi foods and saving a couple of points for treats

I have a average day 23 points

Porridge 40g 2.5 points
Semi skimmed milk 200ml 1.5 points
Cup of green tea 0 point

1 small Banana 1 point
cup of green tea 0 points

2 ww portilla wraps 3 points
wafer chicken 0.5 point
salad 0 point
Pk baked walkers crisps 1.5 points
ww chocolate cupcake 1.5 points
cup of green tea 0 point

Baked Chicken Breast 3 points
40g cooked wholewheat pasta 2 points
LF Pasta Sauce 1 point
Mushrooms fried in spray oil 0 point
Broccolli and Carrots 0 points

Snack 1 lf activa youghurt 1 point
200ml semi skimmed milk for tea 1.5 points

3 points for other snacks or save for a treat

Or I could just have high calorie foods and use points up quicker,I used to eat alot of processed ready lf meals but found I was hungry x


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Hi Steph

I am an ex sw member and if you have never done ww before it can be strange at the start. As has been said how you use your allocated points is up to you - although it is obviously better to eat healthy foods.

If you can get your head around the weighing and measuring of everything it is a great plan. I am finding the weighing ok cos its getting me to see normal portion sizes something I found very hard to do on sw.

If you do decide to give ww a go I wouold recommend going to class even if it is just to get the starter pack and the started talk from the leader, but it is possible to get the books off ebay and go from there.

Good luck whatever you decide.


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Hi, i changed over from sw to ww this week, as previous posters said bit, strange remembering to count points, put getting used to it, finding it a bit more flexiable, (sw, did shift nearly 9st, but, needed to give myself a change of plan, as was picking way to much). Good luck with what you decided. P.s if you sign up online through quido you get your money back in 3 months!!!


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Hi Steph, I also have changed over from SW, starting back at WW tonight.

I have done WW before and it fits into your much easier that SW and you dont have to buy special foods.

Good luck with your weight loss.

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