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thinking of quiting.....


I've been SSing for about 3 months now - I've lost 3 and a half stone. My original target was 10 and a half stone - I hit that and then decided to go for 10 stone - I'm now 10 stone 1 so only a couple of days to go - however I've checked the charts and my ideal weight is just over 9 stone - (I'm 5ft 1 inch). Trouble is I've really had engough and really want to eat - but it's silly to get this far and not get to my ideal weight - do I really want to do all that work and still end up overweight!!! I don't know what to do the thought of carrying on is making me really missearable! :cry:I know I could go up a couple of steps and still loose weight (i think) but then I'll have to be doing this for even longer?????

Really could do with some help/advice/direction!!! Many thanks!!

Also does my loss seem quite small for the time span? I saw a post on here earlier and someone had lost 3 stone in 7 weeks!!!! Is mine quite slow?
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oh hun, I dont know the answer to your questions, but if you feel happy as you are now then stop SS, dont go by just weight, go by how you look as well, my 'ideal' weight on the charts is 9.5 stone, I know from experience, if I am anywhere under 10 stone I look really ill. So just be careful, dont beat yourself up about it and be BLOODY proud of what you have achieved.
Firstly... i think u should do 790 plan if u want to eat, the losses are not that different. secondly.. u have done very well in 3 months, people are not the same and lose weight at a different pace, so be proud of ur achievment.
Hey there

It sounds like your head hasn't quite caught up with your body and the rapid weight loss. I think if it is making you so miserable that you should at least move to 790, you'll still lose weight but have a meal in the evening and be moving up the steps at the same time.
Yeah I guess....how much do you think I'll loose on 790? I loose about 3 pounds a week on SS. Anything less than that - what's the point in doing cambridge - I might aswell do low cal and at least have variety???
I agree with the others, maybe move to the 790 plan you will love it!! You have done brilliantly.. they say you will lose on average a stone a month doing ss so you losing 3.5 stone in 3 months is FAB you should feel really really proud.

I started doing 790 4 weeks ago (went straight into 790 and bypassed ss) and you can see my losses below.. although I think they will soon average about 3/4 lbs per week.. GO FOR IT!!
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Hi, even if you decide to go down the traditional counting cals route you'll still need to go up the CD steps to reload your glycogen stores. I had to stop CD last week and tried to eat sensibly and put on 4lb in 2 days! I managed to get back in ketosis and lost 4.5lb by the next weigh in. I think they recommend 2 weeks in each step and you continue to lose the last stone as you go and reload your glycogen. Could you ask your CDC for advice?
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splash is absolutely right. Its very important to work through the steps of CD. You shouldnt just "come off" the diet as you will regain all of your glycogen weight and quickly. Working through the steps allows you to reload your glycogen stores without gaining weight as it is done in a controlled way. If you are lucky, and spend long enough on each step you could still lose weight by working through the maintenance steps.

Huge congratulations on your fantastic achievement.

I'm guessing you really don't want to undo the fantastic work you've done already..

I think your options are to either change to 790 or start progressing up the stages.

The other alternative is to go back to your old ways and after 3 months on CD I'm guessing that really isn't an option..

Chose the healthy option and make it apart of your life, just for this short period of time..

Good Luck
Hannah x
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At 10st 1lb and 5ft 1" I don't think that you should still be ssing anyway. You should definately have a word with your CDC about this, or do a search around this forum as I suspect there will have been other posts on this.

When I hit close to a BMI of 26 mine was advising that I start to move up the plans with 2 weeks of 790, then onto 1000. So I would say move up the plans nice and slowly and you will still lose a bit more weight with the benefit of eating ~ can't be bad :)
You guys are great!!!!! Thanks so much for the support and kind words! I had cottage cheese and courgettes last night for tea and now feel much better about the whole thing!! Great advice - I only wish my CDC was as informative!!!

thanks again x x x :)


Cambridge Counsellor
Well, once you hit a BMI of 26, you should start moving up the steps anyhow. I've looked it up, and BMI 26 for you is 9st 12lbs, so you're not far off that. :)

My advice would be to do a couple of weeks on add-a-meal, then move on to 790. Once you get just above a BMI of 25, then you can start doing 1000cals.

Good luck!

Jo x
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I changed my goal weight after losing over 4 stones, in hindsight my original target was unrealistic.

I am happy with my weight now despite my BMI being around 30, I look healthy and feel fab, bought a whole new wardrobe and people say I look great.

Move up the steps, you will find that going from SS to 790 and then to Step 3 that you seem to be eating loads.

If you still feel that you need to lose more weight then take it slowly and lose it on step 3, 4 or 5.
You guys are great!!!!! Thanks so much for the support and kind words! I had cottage cheese and courgettes last night for tea and now feel much better about the whole thing!! Great advice - I only wish my CDC was as informative!!!

thanks again x x x :)
Glad you are feeling better about things. You will love 790 it's fab!
I think your an inspiration! 3 months is fantastic and your weight loss is amazing. Don't give up at the final hurdle or you'll always regret not finishing the job! Find the plan that suits you and don't beat yourself up about how long it takes!

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